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Jul 12
How to have meetings that rock

How To Have Meetings That Rock

Want to have meetings that rock? Have more effective meetings, with more energy and higher engagement. I share a quick #coachingtip for improving your meetings in this short video.   🎁sign up for the Free 28 Day Self Coaching Challenge here.    Watch out for more of my videos ➡️... read more →
Apr 09
Composure on the Ball

Composure on the Ball

Hey, it's Stacey Ashley here and I wanted to talk to you really quickly about the concept of composure on the ball. My son is a keen soccer player and this year he's joined a development squad and everything they do, their whole philosophy, is around developing composure on the ball. Mastering... read more →
Mar 31
Using coaching to increase your training ROI

Using coaching to increase your training ROI

Earlier this week I presented at the Learning & Development Leadership & Innovation Summit in Sydney. The ideas I shared focused on how to build learner accountability for learning by using coaching to increase your training ROI. This was based on an article I wrote for the Institute of Learning... read more →


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What our Clients Say

I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey in a series of personal coaching opportunities and at an organisational level in which Stacey was engaged to deliver a personalised coaching course for a number of school leaders, pedagogical leaders and classroom teachers. Stacey's extensive knowledge, practicality and willingness to deliver to meet the varied needs of her clients was outstanding. At a personal level, Stacey's highly skilled coaching ability enabled me to take my leadership to a new level. Her ability to stretch and support my leadership ensured I achieved outstanding outcomes for all members of my school community. I love working with Stacey and have ensured all members of my executive leadership team now have 'Coaching with Stacey' at least every 30 days.- Ben Kidd, Principal Rangeville State School, Department of Education & Training (QLD)
From the outset Stacey at Ashley Coaching demonstrated that she was willing to support our business & our new coaches to get the skills they needed to excel in their roles. Over the 12 month Diploma course the coaches learnt great coaching skills through experiential learning, which has resulted in significant increases in all key metrics of performance in our department. Additionally the great intangibles that come along with having effective coaching, such as high staff engagement & low attrition continue to reinforce the benefits of the skills the team acquired with …. Stacey was also very flexible in dealing with our ever changing training needs. We have been able to create a dialogue around a 'Coaching Culture' & the momentum around this continues to increase. I would highly recommend Stacey's program for workplace coaching to anyone who is looking to increase their business' performance, staff 'buy in' and customer satisfaction.- Maxine Taylor, Senior Manager Customer Service UBANK
I worked with Stacey Ashley on a Leadership Coaching Program which she delivered for our team of 40 Senior, Specialist and Frontline Managers and Supervisors. Stacey was a consummate professional in her presentation, facilitation of keen discussion and offering assistance for our organisational challenges. Stacey was always perfectly prepared and enthusiastic over the 9 sessions (run over a 6 month period) with us, which was sustained throughout. Stacey and I have maintained a strong working relationship since completing the program in late 2013, with Stacey always being available to provide her advice and coaching wisdom. I strongly recommend Stacey to any other business that is looking to implement a coaching leadership culture.- Paula La Rocca, Human Resources Manager at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club
Stacey Ashley is a credentialed, professional coach who knows the coaching field well. Having been on a course with Stacey as facilitator I felt confident from the outset that she was highly competent and an expert in her field. I was impressed with her delivery of the theory and varied practical examples of coaching and appreciated how much experience counts in the coaching field. She has it in spades. Not only is she a qualified coach as she is, Stacey is often researching and either undergoing or providing training in new and interesting methods and experiential programs to be able to bring forward new and exciting ways to engage with her coachees. All in all if you're looking for coaching in a large organisational environment with someone who knows coaching and the corporate life then Ashley Coaching is your provider.- Stephanie Croft, Croft Consulting
Stacey offers a brilliant Cert IV Workplace and Business Coaching course, which I attended last week. Her course was highly engaging and practical, her knowledge of the topic vast, and her very special capacity to connect with participants greatly appreciated.- Dr Jan Anderson-Muir, Talent and Leadership Design, Australian Public Service Commission
Stacey is an inspiring and energetic presenter and trainer. In just a brief time, she conveyed much information in a usable way with great audience rapport. She was fabulous.- Ashley Wood, National Communications & Marketing Services Manager, Vision Australia