10 Simple Ideas To Give Your Self And Your Leaders A Short Term Favour

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10 Simple Ideas To Give Your Self And Your Leaders A Short Term Favour

On a recent flight from Sydney to Melbourne I looked out the window, to a spectacular view of the clouds. They looked solid. Like I could reach out and touch them, and feel how solid they were. Of course I know that’s not true. I can’t touch the clouds, and if I tried to apply pressure to them… there would be nothing there.

I feel like the leaders I’m talking to around the world are a little bit like these clouds. They look solid… but are they?

Leaders are showing up, still. They are doing the hard work, still. As are all their people and teams. Yet what I’m seeing, and I’m sure you are too, is that leaders are operating under duress, are more stressed, and even distressed, than they were in late 2021.

I know there are many good conversations happening about the importance of supporting people, of offering mental health and well-being support, of creating flexible approaches to work, and many more areas. All good.

But I think the need is more immediate. Leaders need some short term relief, so they can continue to show up.

Here are a few simple ideas to give your self and your people a break.

Say No to things that aren’t important. Narrow your focus.

Set your boundaries – let the people around you know them – and stick to them.

Rest – have regular holidays and breaks.

Avoid busy work, only do the important.

Clear your space – physical, mental and calendar, so you can focus.

Have shorter duration meetings, 15, 20, 25 & 45 mins rather than 30 and 60 mins. And less of them.

Get good sleep … starting today.

Minimise and optimise your channels of communication. Choose which 2 or 3 channels work for you. Eg email, phone, IM.

Manage consumption of social media and news. Don’t over consume.

Batch process for efficiency- eg email, transactions, messages, responding to voicemails.

I suggest you choose one or two of these ideas to give yourself the space and opportunity to be leading possibility.I’d love to know your thoughts.

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