20 Reasons Why Your Leaders Should Improve Their Coaching Approach

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20 Reasons Why Your Leaders Should Improve Their Coaching Approach

Recently I was running a webcast with a group of high-performing senior and executive women. They shared that they were tired and not sure how they could continue showing up every day. They each have extensive portfolios that continue to grow, and pride themselves on their ability to perform and deliver and keep leading their teams.

They know something needs to change, but were not 100% clear on what, or how to make it happen and make a difference for themselves.

We live in a world of rapidly accelerating change, exponential information growth, globalisation, multiple generations in the workforce, advancing technology, a transforming world of work, political, economic, and social demands.

To be an effective leader in this VUCA world means letting go of being the expert and tapping into the capacity and capability of the people around you.

Coaching is recognised globally as one of the best ways to grow and develop talent, to tap into potential, solve problems, lead effective change and transformation, and create opportunity. And yet, too many organisations are failing to leverage this crucial opportunity to create their future.

  • Too many leaders either don’t feel a need to coach, or don’t know how.
  • They say they are too busy to coach, so in another six months, nothing will have changed for them or their team.
  • Some leaders are trying so hard to hold on to being the expert, they don’t create the space to coach.

Coaching is unlocking a person’s potential to maximise their own performance. It is helping them to learn rather than teaching them.

Timothy Gallwey

If you want to lead an organisation that enables, empowers, develops, and supports its people and purpose, then consider the possibilities developing a leadership coaching capability would create.

Here is a sample of what coaching can do for each leader and their team every day:

1. Draws out other people’s ideas
2. Encourages independent thinking
3. Means you don’t need to know the answer to everything4. Lets others use their initiative
5. Gives access to other people’s expertise
6. Offers effective feedback opportunities
7. Fosters collaboration
8. Shows trust in your people
9. Helps people use their strengths
10. Raises performance
11. Offers opportunities to acknowledge, celebrate and value the people around you
12. Is a great way to solve problems
13. Allows you to facilitate conflict situations constructively
14. Supports brainstorming
15. Develops accountability in others
16. Helps people learn everyday
17. Means you can let go of being the expert
18. Can make meetings focused and effective
19. Encourages innovation
20. Demonstrates your belief in your people

For organisations to create a sustainable future it means helping your leaders to scale their leadership impact through coaching. Coaching enables your leaders to grow their impact without growing their hours, effort, or stress levels. Instead, they will become far more balanced in the execution of their leadership.

Operate to Activate

When an individual leader moves from being an expert focused on tasks to being a leader with a people approach, they scale their leadership impact.

From a 1 of 1 outcome, based on completion of a task, they transition to a 1 to many outcome created by empowering and enabling others.

This is how organisations are transformed…when the capacity and capability, the ideas, strengths and initiative of the many are accessed and leveraged….. By using a coaching approach.

The objective is to move from Operate to Activate, from Completion to Transformation. This is where you scale leadership impact.

Where to from here?
Reflect on these questions to start:
➢ Are your leaders really coaching?
➢ How ready is your organisation to develop, or elevate, the leadership coaching capability?
➢ Are you ready to explore what is involved in creating a leadership coaching approach?

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