3 Leadership Lessons From High School Orientation

3 Leadership Lessons From High School Orientation

3 Leadership Lessons From High School Orientation


Change, Transition, Transformation.

Whatever name you use, it can be challenging for people to be part of it. And so that can make it challenging to lead it. To have people transition from how it is, to how you want it to be, takes effort and focus.

Here are 3 keys to leading successful transition I observed during High School Orientation last week.


Good morning it’s Stacey Ashley here. And today is sort of exciting, because it’s high school orientation day. And it’s been fabulous to be part of it and to see all of the great things that the schools do today to support kids making the transition from primary school to high school,  which I’m sure is pretty daunting.

So what are my three leadership lessons … for helping people to make a successful transition.

  1. Well the first one is really simple, it’s provide support. Provide a support structure, and let the people making the transition know what that support structure is all about, and how to access it.
  2. And then the second key lesson is to provide an orientation. Let people become familiar with their new surroundings: with how to access all the different areas that they need to; how to get hold of resources; how to get questions answered. And to do it in a really non pressure situation, where they’re not expected to perform in the first instance.
  3. And then the third really simple lesson is socialise. You know, to help people make connection with each other that’s not about the role that they play, but is just a little bit about them being them, and sharing a little bit about their story. So people can make connection and be ready for when they move into their new role of, in this case, being a high school student.

So three great little concepts that I think we could apply a little bit more at work to help people make more successful transition. So whether it’s from team member to people leader, whether it’s across different parts of our business, or different locations. I think there is so much more that we can do to help people to be successful, more easily.


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