3 Quick Tips – Applying Coaching in the Workplace

Applying Coaching in the Workplace

3 Quick Tips – Applying Coaching in the Workplace

Hi There –  it’s Stacey Ashley here and I’m just back from a fabulous two days of delivering Leader as Coach training. I’m working with a big Federal agency on a Leader as Coach rollout and it’s kicked off really well.

It did raise a question though. As the participants were leaving at the end of the session today there was a little bit of nervousness about ‘how do I take my new skills and start to use them in the workplace?’.

And so here are a couple of quick tips to make it easy as possible, if you too are trying to add a coaching style to your leadership approach.

1.    So the first thing is, I would say just make it as easy and simple as you possibly can. So when you begin adding your coaching style and using some of your new coaching tools pick the easy conversations. Pick the simpler problems. You don’t have to use the most challenging thing that you have on at the moment. So make it easy for yourself by sticking to the simple stuff to begin with. So that’s my first tip.

2.    The second thing is … implement one or two of the new skills that you have learnt to begin with. You don’t need to try and do everything at once and try to use all of your new coaching approaches at the same time. So pick one or two that you like, get comfortable with those and then add some more of the things that you’ve learnt over time.

3.    And my third tip is to choose who it is that you’re going to begin your coaching journey with. So as a leader who wants to add coaching or a coaching style, then choose the people that are going to be most receptive to that to begin your application. So when you begin to use coaching in the workplace work with those people who are already positive and contributors, and people who have ideas and who like to speak up.

And if you start working with them your confidence will grow. The more you practice your competence will grow. And so then you can start to work your coaching magic with some of the other people around you.

So a few quick tips to help you get started with applying a coaching approach in the workplace.

Good luck with that and I’d love to hear how you go.

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