Here are 5 Simple Ways to First Lead Yourself

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Here are 5 Simple Ways to First Lead Yourself

Earlier this week, I shared a webcast on Leading Possibility, First Lead Yourself.

It’s designed to help leaders to identify the foundations that they need to build for themselves so that they can be leading possibility this year. So they can face up, show up, and step up every day as leaders.

It was so well received, that I have decided that I’m going to share it to my broader community. I think there are some ideas in there that will really help you be able to step into your leadership this year in a sustainable way.

In the webcast, I shared five key principles to help you build the foundations to first lead yourself.

  1. Fill your own cup. 🥤
  2. Foster connection. 🔗
  3. Focus specifically on the important. 🎯
  4. Elevate your practice of leadership. 💪
  5. Operate in your zone of genius. 🤓

Taking some action on any one of these is going to better position you in terms of your leadership of self.

I hope you take the opportunity to watch this webcast, which is about an hour long, and as always, I have shared some really practical ways that you can take action for yourself.


I’d love to know your thoughts.

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