I remember it very clearly. I was sitting in the Boardroom of Tower One. It was a brilliant afternoon. I was looking out of the floor to ceiling windows as the sun was just beginning to set behind the trees.


The organisation I was working for was moving towards becoming a values-based organisation. I had spent the entire day in a workshop about values, part of which was to identify my own values about my work, and the organisation I work for.


I joined this company in start-up, was employee number seven, and had been offered incredible opportunities during my time there. I had worked all over the world. I had run international projects. I basically had a free hand in my own department because I was the domain expert as well as the leader. And I had moved into ever more influential and interesting leadership roles.


Growing from an initial team of 3, to leading teams of hundreds, budgets of $100Ms, I led significant change and transformation programs in Australia and internationally. I had led professional industry conferences, the creation of standards, developed new career pathways for my team members, had the highest levels of engagement in the organisation, and was sought after as a coach and mentor.


So I was sitting in the workshop at the end of the day, reflecting on my values and watching this beautiful sunset. In that moment I realised that my values around my work, career and organisation were not being supported.


I had enjoyed my time there and it was time to leave.


I was no longer satisfied to be one great leader within one organisation, I wanted to create more great leaders in lots of organisations. In that moment, I made the decision to leave a very comfortable organisation, in a very comfortable role, doing what I was very good at doing, and make a bigger difference.


I had always wanted to be the CEO, and then it just wasn’t important anymore.


Now it was about elevating the practice of leadership.



People describe me as the leader’s leader. The person who can help to make the complex simple. Able to offer the simple, practical, next step, in a strategic context. The person leaders lean on when they are facing situations and circumstances that are at the same time challenging, exciting, offering opportunity, and often moving through uncharted territory. A pathfinder if you like.


Today, I describe myself as a leadership visionary. I am focused on future proofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. It is about leadership. Of self, of your tribe, and your world. I believe leaders have a fundamental responsibility to lead. No more placeholding a spot on the organisation chart. It is about navigating with intention through the unknowns that are part of the complex we operate in. It is about leading possibility.


This means leaders need to learn and grow, to experiment, to develop others and to stretch beyond what they thought possible. To continuously create capability, to question, to explore, to advocate, to innovate, to disrupt. Leadership today, requires a proactive approach. No more relying on yesterday’s performance. Our world moves too fast for yesterday’s success to guarantee a future.


I am focused on futureproofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. With over 30 years’ experience, I have helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility so they can:

✓ Build the practical foundations for effective leadership

✓ Get out of the trenches, to lead strategically & with influence

✓ Transition quickly and effectively to leading larger, more complex portfolios

✓ Effectively lead change and transformation

✓ Create a leadership coaching capability

✓ Create the space to lead, for greater influence and impact

✓ Create HP executive teams – enabling rather than impeding progress.

✓ Develop horizon thinking


I typically speak at conferences, develop leadership strategy, and programs, consult, and coach.



I work with people who are or want to do something big. They want to make a difference in the world. They are often leading some kind of transformation, something new or changing. And they are heart based leaders. They know that to lead, it is about people. Not just the task, the deliverable, the outcome. They understand the need to integrate the two – people and task.


The people I work with are already high performers. They are doing a great job, though it may be taking more effort than they would like. To plateau is not in their nature, and it is also not the way to create the future. These individuals recognise that plateauing is a recipe to lose currency, to lose relevance, and to lose control over their destiny, their future. Not only for themselves, but also for their people, their teams, and their organisation.


So, they are teachable. Because they know that to be a leader is to be a learner. They continue their own development, pushing their own boundaries, and becoming more.


I work with aspirational leaders who:

  • Are prepared to hold the mirror up
  • Want to learn and grow their leadership
  • Will be accountable – we’re in this together, but it’s not a done for you process
  • Will ask for help when they need it
  • Believe they have a fundamental responsibility to develop other leaders

In the last 2 years I have worked with more than 40, 000 people in over 30 countries, and across 45 industries, to grow their leadership competence, confidence and credibility.


In 2023 I received the Thought Leader Of The Year Gold Award at the International Stevie Awards for Women In Business in New York. One of my 14 Stevie awards. I have been twice named in the global LinkedIn Top Voices, and Thinkers360 Top Voices globally and for APAC.


I am a prolific content creator, with a talent for translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application. I have written 6 Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership. My content has more than 1 million views on LinkedIn, and I have been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, INTHEBLACK, HRD, CEO Magazine & Coaching World.


I have partnered with a broad range of clients globally including APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches), ABC, AccessEAP, ACCORD, Actron Air, ASX, AAPT, ACCOR Hotels, ACCOR Plus, Australian Electoral Commission, Australian National University, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, CSIRO, Chartered Accountants ANZ, CPA, Defence Housing Australia, East Arnhem Regional Council, Engie, Fisher & Paykel, Healius, Husqvarna, Institute of Practicing Accountants (US), JORA, LendLease Asia, Menulog, Mustad, Navitas, NDIS, QLD Ed, SAAB, Smart Procurement World South Africa, UBank, University of NSW, World HR Congress, ZIP.



  • Winner of 14 International Stevie awards including gold for Thought Leader Of The Year 2023


  • Nominated Telstra Business & Women’s Awards 9 times


  • Named in LinkedIn’s global Top Voices twice


  • Named a Thinkers360 global Top Voice, and APAC Top Voice


  • Certified Speaking Professional, Professional Speakers Australia


  • Virtual Master Presenter, espeakers


  • Professional Certified Coach, International Coaching Federation


  • Accredited in MBTI, DISC, Extended DISC, Strengthscope, Science of Happiness at Work, DISCFLOW, Motivational Mapping, mBraining


  • Fellow of CPA Australia


  • Fellow of Institute of Managers & Leaders


  • Member, International Coaching Federation


  • Member, Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches


  • Member, Professional Speakers Australia


  • Member, Women Speakers Association


  • Member, Global Speakers Federation