Activate Executive Coaching

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Stacey has been featured in

Stacey has been featured_

Right now, I’m hearing that leaders are finding it all a bit challenging. Constant change, lockdowns, online meetings, less connection, extreme busyness. For some fatigue is becoming burnout. Teams are less engaged and feeling demotivated. Productivity and performance are plateauing or declining. It all seems a bit endless. And yet you must continue to lead. Your people need you. If only you had the energy, the focus, and the inspiration to activate yourself and them.

Don’t wait for the light at the end of the tunnel. Lay your own tracks to the future you want for yourself and your team

Activate Executive Coaching

Are you:
✔ Feeling flat and have low energy?
✔ Sick of being reactive & feeling like you have no control?
✔ Is your team struggling with endless lockdown, changing conditions, and the challenges of balancing home life and work life?
✔ Are your meetings ineffective with too much screen time, not enough connection, and limited outcomes?
✔ Or maybe you feel like you’re asking more than your team can give right now, and you’re not a hundred percent sure how to support them.

Model-Activation Index

When working with leaders and their teams recently, what I’ve noticed missing right now is:

• Getting traction, making progress on the things that are important
• Clarity about the context and focus for the short and long term
• Time to think and plan
• A comfortable virtual presence. Feeling confident, connected, and credible online
• Engaging, interactive meetings that generate clear outcomes
• Strong team engagement, motivation, and connection

This Program is Ideal for
– Executive Leaders
– HR Leaders
– Senior Managers
– Middle Leaders
– Portfolio & Program Leaders
– Frontline Leaders
– Thought Leaders

At the end of the ACTIVATE Executive Coaching program you will have:

• Clarity about the context and focus for the coming period
• The opportunity to increase traction across your team and deliverables
• Created your own permission to be strategic, not simply reactive
• Elevated your virtual presence and be more confident online
• Know how to keep your team engaged, focused, and motivated online
• Increased your proficiency to produce effective online meetings and sessions that
engage and deliver the outcomes
• Feel in control of your online meetings and presentations.
• Feel energised, inspired, motivated and focused

Activate Executive Coaching


  • Have been thinking about the weeks and months ahead and what it could look like for you and your team. Maybe you’re feeling a lack of inspiration (even dreading it), need to reset your goals and create some excitement about the opportunities in the year ahead.
  • Have noticed your energy, motivation and focus are falling and need to replenish and refocus now.
  • Need to create traction fast, focus on what is really important, and have a clear way forward in the next 6 weeks.
  • Want to create a strong Virtual presence, feel confident and competent online
  • Want to elevate your online meetings, engagement, interaction, and outcomes
  • Want to feel more energised, in control, future-focused and confident in your leadership.


  • Want someone else to do it for you.
  • Are hoping things will get better on their own.
  • Aren’t prepared to commit to learning, and applying what you learn


Choose how you want to activate


⭐️ ACTIVATE Executive Coaching
3 x 1-hour individual training and coaching sessions with Stacey

⭐️ Lifetime Access to Leading Possibility – First Lead Yourself Wellbeing Online Series

⭐️ Leadership Performance Boost – 28-Day Leadership Challenge

⭐️ A Pack of Stacey’s Reframing Cards

⭐️ Copy of Stacey’s latest Amazon #1 Best-selling book SHOW UP21

Total Value Over $11,285


Monthly instalments are available $ 1, 535.00 x 2 months



⭐️ ACTIVATE Executive Coaching
 6 x 1-hour individual training and coaching sessions with Stacey

⭐️ Lifetime Access to Leading Possibility – First Lead Yourself Wellbeing Online Series

⭐️ Leadership Performance Boost – 28-Day Leadership Challenge

⭐️ A Pack of Stacey’s Reframing Cards

⭐️ Copy of Stacey’s latest Amazon #1 Best-selling book SHOW UP21

Total Value Over $17,285


Monthly instalments are available $ 1, 535.00 x 4 months

Stacey Ashley - Leadership Coaching

Stacey Ashley is a High-Performance Leadership & Coaching expert.

Obsessed with possibility, Stacey helps leaders to navigate the complexities of globalisation, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change, and a multi-generational workforce.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence and credibility. The author of three Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership, including the newly released “Show Up21,” she has been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, INTHEBLACK, HRD, CEO Magazine & Coaching World.

She helps HRD’s, People & Culture Executives, C Suite, Executives, Transformation & Change Leaders:
✔ Build the practical foundations for effective leadership
✔ Get out of the trenches, to lead strategically and with influence
✔ Transition quickly and effectively to leading larger, more complex portfolios
✔ Effectively lead change and transformation
✔ Develop a coaching toolkit and approach
✔ Create a leadership coaching capability

Stacey typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults and coaches.



Activate was great – such a well delivered live online session. I now know how to make the best of my time, simplified my focus to the areas that matter most to me, and have some clear action steps moving forward. I also have some new leadership models to add to my toolkit and insights into what is happening in the world right now and what’s needed.
Kate Chandraratnam
Kate ChandraratnamLead Learning Designer, Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand
I recently completed Stacey’s group leadership program. It has been by far the best leadership coaching program that I have encountered. Stacey’s approach is logical, considered and highly effective. I have so many tools in my toolbox now and feeling positive about dealing with my leadership challenges. I would highly recommend connecting with Stacey and joining one of her programs. You won’t regret it.
Jo Hobson
Jo HobsonTax Director
Through Stacey’s Executive Coaching Program I learnt valuable tools for me to be able to succeed in my CFO role and, I have learnt how to inspire and motivate myself and the teams around me.

I have also developed skills to lead systemic change and to be the trusted expert and advisor to the MD, the Board, peers, and external stakeholders.

The success of this program has given significant improvements in my leadership skills. I particularly enjoyed the one-to-one coaching where I could speak honestly about problems I have faced in my role and Stacey gave me ideas and tools to overcome and succeed against them.

I am grateful for the opportunity to work with Stacey during this time and the skills, knowledge, ideas that we discussed will be useful for many years.

Rachael Pope
Rachael PopeChief Financial Officer, Century Engineering
ACTIVATE gave me the time to stop and think, reflect on what is working well, which areas can be given more focus and a structured approach to developing a plan for action.
Samantha Sutton
Samantha SuttonSenior Change Manager, QBE Insurance
ACTIVATE helped me get started on managing myself better. Good to have put thoughts together in a plan form.
Madan Jangra
Madan JangraAssociate Director, Networks Transformation, Optus
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