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Are your team:

  • Battling fatigue & losing motivation?

  • Sick of being reactive & feeling like they have no control?

Do you:

  • Need to get their leadership mojo back?

  • Need to create a clear plan and set your team goals?

  • Need to lead yourself and your team into a better future?

Finding the time and space to renew your team’s energy and focus on the big picture is vital for creating your team leadership strategy and plan for the future.

If your team needs a PASS (a Plan, Accountability, Space and Support) so you can all get your energy, focus, plan, and goals set, come and ACTIVATE with me.

Create a plan to take back control, find your team MOJO and have an extraordinary next 90 days.

Get clarity about what is really important. Set clear goals. Feel more energised, confident, and ready to create the future.


Activate Program is ideal for your team if you:

  • Have been thinking about the months ahead and what it could look like for you and your team. Maybe you’re all feeling a lack of inspiration (even dreading it), need to reset your team goals and create some excitement about the opportunities in the year ahead.
  • Have noticed your team’s energy, motivation, and focus are falling and need to replenish and refocus now.
  • Need to move from reactive to strategic leadership, focus on what is really important, and have a clear strategy and plan to deliver on these things in the next 90 days.
  • Are ready to regain your team MOJO and do this important leadership teamwork.
  • Value the input of experienced and diverse leaders when planning and strategising.
  • Need time and space to focus on the plan ahead and know it will go better with some accountability and support to make it happen.
  • Want your team to feel more energised, in control, future-focused, and confident?

Activate Program is not ideal for your team if they:

  • Want someone else to do it for them.
  • Are hoping things will get better on their own.
  • Aren’t prepared to commit 4 hours to their leadership practice.

How it works

  • This will be an interactive, in-house workshop where you and your team will identify and document your most important areas of focus, define your goals, and plan, with me to guide you.
  • Ask questions as you need to, we’re here to help!
  • Break into small groups to collaborate and support each other as you create your plan together.

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Stacey Ashley - Show Up 21

Every participant receives a copy of SHOW UP21


2020 was an unprecedented year, bringing challenges that most leaders had never faced before. Leaders needed to be reactive, responsive, and cope with enormous change and a set of conditions that were largely out of their control. Many responded magnificently. Yet it isn’t over.

So how do leaders face up to these challenges and be high-performing?

Here are 5 practical strategies to help you activate your leadership and rise to the challenge. These simple actions will make it easier for you to be an effective and successful leader.

While it was written in 2021, these practical strategies continue to support leaders today.

Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a Leadership Visionary.

Big Leadership.

Leaders with big vision, who challenge the status quo, make bold decisions, and take brave action, create the future.

Our world needs Big Leadership.

To lead this marathon of change, leaders must navigate the complexities of globalization, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, hybrid work, massively accelerating change, a multi-generational workforce and more.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.

The author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership, Stacey has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application.

Stacey is obsessed with possibility, and helping leaders to create a future of possibility.

She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy and programs, consults and coaches.

She helps CEOs and their teams:

✓ Build the practical foundations for effective leadership
✓ Get out of the trenches, to lead strategically and with influence
✓ Transition quickly and effectively to leading larger, more complex portfolios
✓ Effectively lead change and transformation
✓ Develop a coaching toolkit and approach
✓ Create a leadership coaching capability



This was great – such a well-run/delivered live online session. I now know how to make the best of my sabbatical, simplified my focus to the areas that matter most to me, and have some clear actions steps moving forward. I also have some new leadership models to add to my toolkit and insights into what is happening in the world right now and what’s needed. Thank you, Stacey.
Kate Chandraratnam
Kate ChandraratnamLead Learning Designer, Chartered Accountants ANZ
ACTIVATE gave me the time to stop and think, reflect on what is working well, which areas can be given more focus and a structured approach to developing a plan for action.
Samantha Sutton
Samantha SuttonSenior Change Manager, QBE Insurance
ACTIVATE helped me get started on managing myself better. Good to have put thoughts together in a plan form.
Madan Jangra
Madan JangraAssociate Director, Networks Transformation, Optus
Thank you for this great session! Truly valuable 🙂
Shane Taas
Shane TaasVolunteer Coordinator
A four part powerful series to our leaders delivering on leading possibility. Stacey’s ease and approach with the virtual space made for an engaging and inspiring session which allowed us to stream across the Pacific. Her knowledge of the subject and ability to bring leaders with her throughout the four, 1 hour sessions as they navigated leading themselves in our current world, provided an extraordinary platform to create change and grow capability.
Kay Goodman
Kay GoodmanDirector, Accor Academy & Talent Development, Pacific
I recently completed Stacey’s group leadership program. It has been far the best leadership coaching program that I have encountered. Stacey’s approach is logical, considered and highly effective. I have so many tools in my tool box now and feeling positive about dealing with my leadership challenges. I would highly recommend connecting with Stacey and joining one of her programs. You won’t regret it.
Jo Hobson
Jo HobsonTax Director, Defence Housing Australia

Working with Stacey has given me valuable tools for me to be able to succeed in my CFO role. I have learnt how to inspire and motivate myself and the teams around me. I also have re-identified the purpose of my role within the company, developed skills to lead systemic change and to be the trusted expert and advisor to the MD, the Board, peers, and external stakeholders. The success of my program has given significant improvements in my leadership skills, and it has also improved collaboration between my team, peers and my manager.

Rachael Pope
Rachael PopeChief Financial Officer, Century Engineering
I have worked with Stacey over many years, in various capacities. Stacey is a consummate professional, experienced executive coach, trainer and mentor. Stacey is highly regarded for her expertise in the leadership and coaching profession and brings great depth, insight and heart to all she does. If you are lucky enough to work with Stacey, you will be forever changed for the better!
Tracey McMenamin
Tracey McMenaminExecutive Director, Northern Territory Government

Stacey’s coaching style is reassuring, practical and above all very effective. Within 15 mins spent with her, I had an action plan in place that I could immediately implement. Her passion to make leadership skills training accessible to as many professionals as possible is admirable.

I’d highly recommend Stacey as a coach and facilitator! She is awesome.

Helen StorckmeijerDirector People and Culture

I worked with Stacey over a six-month period to explore alternative pathways to problem-solving and people management within my business. ​

Stacey was an expert guide to help me consider a variety of solutions which were not automatically top of mind. I found the process extremely enlightening, ​

Stacey has a deep appreciation of business management which resulted in our conversations often extending beyond the scope of what I expected. ​

I am deeply appreciative of her empathetic and collaborative style and would not hesitate to undertake further coaching with her in the future.

Mike BaardManaging Director, Australasia NBC Universal