Are You A Leader Of Choice

Are You A Leader Of Choice

Are You A Leader Of Choice

People join companies but leave managers.

Buckingham and Coffman

You’re probably familiar with the concept of Employers of Choice. Those organisations that people love to work for. I’d like to take this one step further and suggest that there are Leaders of Choice too. Those leaders that individuals want, and choose, to work for.

Have you ever had a boss that would be your Leader of Choice?

I was lucky to have quite a few really nice people as my direct managers during my career. On reflection though I really only had one truly great boss, a Leader of Choice…and sadly for only about 9 months. I learned so much from him during that short time. He made me think hard, asked searching questions…really challenged me to do my very best work…and recognised when I did. It was a great experience and the only reason I didn’t follow him to his next role was the massive relocation involved.

Today’s workforce want more than just financial rewards.Often, these non-financial elements like professional development, coaching, mentoring and meaningful work are more important.

Now consider the changing demographics of our workforce. In Karen Higgenbottom’s article for Forbes this month she notes that ‘Deloitte estimates that Millennials will make up 75% of the global workforce by 2025. …. Millennial leaders crave advice particularly from senior leadership yet on average, just 7% of organizations invested in offering Millennial coaching, mentoring…

What are you offering as a leader that will attract and keep the right kind of talent on your team?

Imagine having people lining up to work for you based on your reputation as a Leader of Choice. You’re known to develop your people, stretch them, challenge them, recognise and value them. And let’s face it the people who want this are the ones you want on your team. They are the people who want to grow, develop and perform at their best- the people who will make your job as a leader easier.

How will you become a Leader of Choice?

Love to know your thoughts.