Are You in a Leadership Role? It’s Time for You to Start Leading.

Are You in a Leadership Role? It’s Time for You to Start Leading.

If you are in  leadership role, then you need to lead.

Consider the bigger picture, make the bold decisions, take the brave action.

Do not be a placeholder on an organisation chart.

Someone who chooses not to take control, who procrastinates, who makes excuses, who rests on their past.

Instead, be a leader.

“With great power comes great responsibility.”


If you accept the privileged position of leadership, you must accept the responsibility:

➥ To show up.

➥ To make decisions.

➥ To act.

➥ To contribute to the greater good.

➥ To broaden your perspective.

➥ To grow other leaders.

➥ To make the hard decisions.

➥ To have the tough conversations.

➥ To consider a bigger agenda.

➥ To hold the mirror up.

➥ To develop a strategy.

➥ To have a plan.

➥ To adjust your course when new information becomes available.

➥ To lead change and transformation.

➥ To learn and grow yourself.

➥ To confront problems.

➥ To challenge ‘how we’ve always done it.’

➥ To champion for the things that make a difference.

➥ To have conviction.

➥ To be committed.

➥ To step up.

➥ To develop your vision.

➥ To listen to others.

➥ To share feedback.

➥ To support your people.

➥ To engage.

➥ To connect.

➥ To be visible.

➥ To be flexible.

➥ To be inclusive.

➥ To lead.

Stacey Ashley Big Leadership - Venn

We are set for a big year, we need big leadership.

Find yours.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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