Stacey recently agreed to take part in the University of Sydney Business School’s inaugural webinar in the Business Not as Usual series.

Working with Stacey was delightful, she is professional, thoughtful and considered in her approach which contributed to a very successful webinar. Stacey contributed her thought leadership on Career Challenges, Changes and Choices and how the different styles and approaches to leadership show up when managing yourself and your teams.

Feedback from the webinar was extremely positive with some commenting that “Stacey was insightful and helpful with practical advice and tips” and “an excellent speaker with a great perspective on the topic and really enjoyed hearing her thoughts on women leaders during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Fiona O'Sullivan
Fiona O'SullivanDirector, External Engagement and International at The University of Sydney Business School
Stacey’s coaching style is reassuring, practical and above all very effective. Within 15 mins spent with her, I had an action plan in place that I could immediately implement.

Stacey is also a really noble and humble human being and loves to give back in any way she can! Her 1000Leaders program was incredible. I shared it with my colleagues at Megaport at a fraction of the price. It was educational, pragmatic and effective. Her passion to make leadership skills training accessible to as many professionals as possible is admirable.

I’d highly recommend Stacey as a coach and facilitator! She is awesome!

Helen StorckmeijerPeople and Culture Director at Megaport
I first met Stacey in March after she agreed to speak at my “Women in Leadership 2019” event in May. She was a pleasure to communicate with and was always responsive and the event went down without a hitch with over 100 senior women in attendance. Stacey’s talk/presentation on “Lessons in Leadership” was clear and informative but still showed her personality and humour. I received feedback from the audience on how great they thought it was and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
Georgia Cohen
Georgia CohenAccount Manager at M&T Resources
I have worked with Stacey over many years, in various capacities. Stacey is a consummate professional, experienced executive coach, trainer and mentor. Stacey is highly regarded for her expertise in the leadership and coaching profession and brings great depth, insight and heart to all she does. If you are lucky enough to work with Stacey, you will be forever changed for the better!
Tracey McMenamin
Tracey McMenaminExecutive Director, HR Transformation / Workforce Relations at Northern Territory Government
Given Stacey’s expertise in leadership, executive coaching and change we invited her to chair HRD Magazine’s HR Tech Summit. She was delightful to work with in the lead up to the event, and expertly led the discussion on Your tech journey: questions to ask before purchasing HR Tech. She is an engaging speaker, adept at encouraging audience participation and able to roll with the flow of an event. She is energetic and insightful, and uses real life examples to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful for the audience. We would be delighted to work with her again.
Stephanie Campanale
Stephanie CampanaleConference & Events Department Manager at Key Media Pty Ltd
I engaged Stacey to facilitate a Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) workshop for my team and it was one of the best training sessions I have ever been involved in. Stacey was prompt, professional and insightful and I would highly recommend a workshop like this for any manager looking to better understand the working styles of their team and better leverage the strengths of diverse personality types.
Daniel Bambagiotti
Daniel BambagiottiHead of Analytics & Data Science at Zippay
There is no better, clear cut, simple strategy to changing yourself for the better than Stacey’s First Lead Yourself program. Reading books to inspire yourself is important but actually doing what you need to do to to make change, that’s paramount. Not only have I become a more effective coworker, I have also become a better husband and father. I am able to control how much presence I have instead of hoping I’m more present. I am more organized and less reactive than I have ever been. I am grateful to Stacey for teaching me how to change my life for the better. Thanks to Stacey’s program, I found my confidence and the wherewithal to plan my career transition and be ruthlessly disciplined to go after it. I secured a job that most people thought I was crazy to go for and I’m excited to continue using the tools she has given me to continue the career path I have set for myself.
Noe Cisneros
Noe M. CisnerosMusic Educator & Certified Scrum Master
Stacey recently trained me in Cert IV Business and Workplace Coaching.

Stacey presented the information in a cohesive and progressive manner applying the ideal combination of learning and practice. I can honestly say that every minute was completely valuable.

Stacey is engaging, patient and present. She provides stabilising support both during and following the course. Stacey gives time for each person to ask questions and provides answers that are meaningful and insightful whilst also keeping the momentum and pace of the information flow.

I have learnt so much from Stacey and feel very confident my knowledge and experience will continue to grow as I continue to engage with her.

Katerina Blazek
Katerina BlazekScrum Master & Executive Coach
As a result of your coaching Stacey, I wish to thank you for enabling me to step up into a strategic change leadership role. Your First Lead Yourself program was key in preparing me for this. Your pragmatic approach made it easy for me to take action, focus on what I do best, and take responsibility for how I show up each day. I am a better leader today because of the FLY program and continued coaching I receive.
Samantha Sutton
Samantha SuttonChange Manager at Allianz
CPA Australia has engaged Stacey several times to speak at various conferences around the country. Every time I’ve been to one of her presentations, I’ve walked away with fresh pearls of wisdom that she has shared. Stacey’s online community is also fantastic and I always encourage people to sign up to it. I am very much looking forward to reading The New Leader.
Bernadette Smyth
Bernadette SmythFinance and Accounting Professional
I’ve just read Stacey’s book ‘The New Leader’. There’s always a temptation to think that having been performing leadership roles for a reasonable period that a book for the ‘New Leader’ is perhaps not a natural choice. Alas, it most certainly is and I would challenge that even a CEO with a career’s worth of leadership under their belt wouldn’t gain a few great reminders, tips and actions from this straight-forward, succinct and easy-to-read book. It was genuinely excellent and a great source of fresh inspiration on a number of fronts.
Karen Pezzutto
Karen PezzuttoSenior Manager, Operational Excellence at Westpac
1000leaders initiative has been a fabulous experience so far. From the time I came to know about the program to registering myself and then going through Learning Chapters, attending Compass Sessions – been a delightful journey. Communication from Stacey and her team has been prompt and detailed. Learning Chapters are well planned and not too long or too short. Compass sessions have been interactive. There have always been takeaways for me from the Compass sessions. 1000leaders is the very first international program that I am part of. Great interacting with Leaders from different nations, cultures and backgrounds. An experience I will cherish for ever.
Sunil Kumar Kodi
Sunil Kumar KodiSoftware Delivery Manager at Amzur Technologies
Fully recommend Stacey’s 1000 leaders course. I couldn’t put a value on what I have learnt from it just 5 weeks into the program. From the basic planning lesson which is already saving me time, to learning about how to set expectations, have been huge takeaways.

The compass sessions are not to be missed. The learning from others is mind-blowing. As Stacey coaches others from difficulties I am yet to experience. ( I am sure I will go back to these session notes for advice. ) To other problems so similar to mine currently I have been able to do some of the suggestions that come out of these. Then there is the time spent on my issues, the help from that has allowed me to find the courage I never knew I had.

I have also attended Stacey’s webinars and training sessions in Sydney. I have gained so much knowledge around coaching and mentoring. These should be a prerequisite for anyone leading a team.

Ann-Marie L.
Ann-Marie L.Business Manager at La Zura
Stacey provided excellent training to RANZCR management on coaching, mentoring and providing feedback. Very well received by experienced and new managers. Highly recommended.
Mark Nevin
Mark NevinSenior Executive Officer at The Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologists
I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Stacey over the past 6 months. She is a wonderful coach with an ability to guide you through problems and help you develop the tools you need to achieve your goals. She is very professional and a great support. If you get the chance to work with her, jump at it!
Sara Hughes
Sara HughesSenior Legal Counsel at Accor Hotels
I have had the pleasure of working with Stacey in a series of personal coaching opportunities and at an organisational level in which Stacey was engaged to deliver a personalised coaching course for a number of school leaders, pedagogical leaders and classroom teachers. Stacey’s extensive knowledge, practicality and willingness to deliver to meet the varied needs of her clients was outstanding. At a personal level, Stacey’s highly skilled coaching ability enabled me to take my leadership to a new level. Her ability to stretch and support my leadership ensured I achieved outstanding outcomes for all members of my school community. I love working with Stacey and have ensured all members of my executive leadership team now have ‘Coaching with Stacey’ at least every 30 days.
Ben KiddPrincipal at Rangeville State School | Department of Education & Training (QLD)
In the past few years, Stacey has been a highly valued teacher, mentor and colleague. I have been both impressed and inspired by her professional and pragmatic approach to achieve meaningful, successful outcomes. Regardless of the hat she wears – as a business owner, coach, mentor, advisor, trainer or peer, she has a calm ability to assess what’s needed, ask the right questions and progress things in a relevant, positive way for the situation and people involved.
Our Team, Katrina Howard
Katrina HowardExecutive & Career Coach
I attended the Cert.IV in Workplace and Business Coaching at Ashley Consulting from 15 to 18 March this year.  The course is fantastic and the materials provided are excellent.  The size of the group was great and the quality of the tutor, Stacey Ashley was excellent.  Stacey obviously loves what she does as it shines through in her teaching/coaching.  If I didn’t understand something I felt quite comfortable asking for an explanation, never feeling that I was holding anyone up.  Stacey’s knowledge of coaching is second to none and she encouraged each one of us.  There was a point where I felt quite overwhelmed not having done formal study for a very long time and when I expressed how I was feeling Stacey was great, explaining that many people go through the same experience and that it is a part of the journey which left me feeling much more relaxed and confident.  I would recommend Ashley Consulting to anyone who would like to learn to coach, as you will never look back!
Sydney Water
Aloisie KrasnyExecutive Assistant to the CFO at Sydney Water
Stacey’s online coaching course offers quality and insightful information delivered in a highly convenient way. Feedback and answers to questions are delivered promptly. I have no hesitation recommending this valuable course to those who want to enhance their coaching skills in a convenient and supportive environment.
Tania Schaller
Tania SchallerMaster Teacher at Department of Education & Training (QLD)
Stacey has recently partnered with QELi in delivering innovative leadership coaching solutions within the education sector. Stacey is one of those rare and exceptional people who consistently delivers meaningful results, be it inspiring others through key note presentations, challenging through executive coaching, or building expertise in others through her acclaimed, accredited programs. Stacey’s warm and engaging manner enable her to share her encyclopaedic knowledge and breadth of experience in a way that seamlessly connects with others – helping to bring out the best in individuals and teams
Fiona LoughlanChief Operations Officer at Queensland Education Leadership Institute (QELi)
From the outset Stacey at Ashley Coaching demonstrated that she was willing to support our business & our new coaches to get the skills they needed to excel in their roles. Over the 12 month Diploma course the coaches learnt great coaching skills through experiential learning, which has resulted in significant increases in all key metrics of performance in our department. Additionally the great intangibles that come along with having effective coaching, such as high staff engagement & low attrition continue to reinforce the benefits of the skills the team acquired with …. Stacey was also very flexible in dealing with our ever changing training needs. We have been able to create a dialogue around a “Coaching Culture” & the momentum around this continues to increase. I would highly recommend Stacey’s program for workplace coaching to anyone who is looking to increase their business’ performance, staff “buy in” and customer satisfaction.
Maxine Taylor
Maxine TaylorSenior Manager Customer Service at UBANK
“I worked with Stacey Ashley on a Leadership Coaching Program which she delivered for our team of 40 Senior, Specialist and Frontline Managers and Supervisors. Stacey was a consummate professional in her presentation, facilitation of keen discussion and offering assistance for our organisational challenges. Stacey was always perfectly prepared and enthusiastic over the 9 sessions (run over a 6 month period) with us, which was sustained throughout.

Stacey and I have maintained a strong working relationship since completing the program in late 2013, with Stacey always being available to provide her advice and coaching wisdom. I strongly recommend Stacey to any other business that is looking to implement a coaching leadership culture.” 

Paula La RoccaHuman Resources Manager at Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club
“Stacey Ashley is a credentialed, professional coach who knows the coaching field well. Having been on a course with Stacey as facilitator I felt confident from the outset that she was highly competent and an expert in her field. I was impressed with her delivery of the theory and varied practical examples of coaching and appreciated how much experience counts in the coaching field. She has it in spades. Not only is she a qualified coach as she is, Stacey is often researching and either undergoing or providing training in new and interesting methods and experiential programs to be able to bring forward new and exciting ways to engage with her coachees. All in all if you’re looking for coaching in a large organisational environment with someone who knows coaching and the corporate life then Ashley Coaching is your provider.” 
Stephanie CroftCroft Consulting
Stacey’s energy, passion & enthusiasm is infectious. She has so much knowledge to share & keeps it real.
Kathryn Millar
Kathryn MillarHuman Resources Business Partner at Covermore Insurance
I’ve been fortunate to have Stacey as a coach for a year now and she has been terrific. Her approach to guiding me through any problem or issue I might be facing was extremely helpful, providing me with useful questions to consider and tools and frameworks to utilise. Stacey is professional and friendly and I’ve felt entirely confident with her support.
David Ireland
David IrelandGeneral Manager at CSIRO- International, Precincts, Innovation Systems
Stacey is a wonderful coach and educator. She inspires others to be the best leaders they can be through coaching. Her support is concrete and practical and what you learn in the Cert IV and Diploma from Stacey will make a real difference beyond the courses.
Kim Vella
Kim VellaExecutive Coach
I have had the pleasure of studying, working with and being mentored by Stacey in my roles at the Supercheap Auto Group and in my own business. Stacey is a professional of the highest calibre. She is a brilliant coach who empowers others to become what they want to be. Her professionalism and strategic ability has meant that I have learnt so much from her experience and skills as coach and facilitator. Stacey opens doors for people and is passionate about connecting them to achieve amazing results. Stacey is up there as one of the people in my life who I am soooo glad I have met.
Jane Anderson
Jane AndersonPersonal Branding Expert
I recently took part in the Cert IV in Workplace and Business Coaching Stacey was facilitating, Stacey’s delivery was professional, insightful and engaging. I have no hesitation in referring and recommending Stacey to other business professionals or corporate clients interested in on site delivery of leadership tools such as this. Stacey’s leadership back ground and successful coaching career allows her to facilitate on a “knowing level” which I believe allowed us all to go to a deeper level with the course material.
Sally Bartley
Sally BartleyDirector at Peoplefusion
Stacey offers a brilliant Cert IV Workplace and Business Coaching course, which I attended last week. Her course was highly engaging and practical, her knowledge of the topic vast, and her very special capacity to connect with participants greatly appreciated.
Dr. Jan-Anderson-Muir
Dr Jan Anderson-MuirTalent and Leadership Design at Australian Public Service Commission
Stacey is an engaging facilitator and coach who holds the space with high level of personal power and models coaching effectiveness with ease. A great stretch achieved over the 4 days delivery.
Sarah Keenan
Sara KeenanDirector at Performance Through people
Stacey has a great approach to workplace and business coaching and imparts her expertise openly and willingly. Being part of the program was an amazing experience for me. Stacey allows others to freely build their own competency, confidence and ability through excellent guidance and coaching. I highly recommend Stacey as a facilitator and as a coach.
Gus Meyer-JonesLearning Manager, Leadership and Soft Skills at Cummins Inc.