Bigger than, I believe, any time that has come before. The approaches that have worked before are simply not enough in the current world context.


Right now, we are on a precipice of possibility. There are numerous challenges and obstacles, and yet incredible opportunity too. And we need leaders to lead us through them. The rate of change has accelerated and the need for leaders to step up to lead that change has accelerated as well.


Yet the credibility of business leaders is at a historical low in many countries. A McKinsey report shows that between 27% and 46 % of executives fail within the first two years after transitioning to their role.


As a leader you need to equip yourself to lead, to be relevant, to have something to offer, to contribute in a world of change.


This is about moving from reactive to proactive. It is about stepping out of busy, of recognising that you have a responsibility to yourself and your tribe, to enable your Big Leadership.



The 2023 CEO survey published by PwC, identified 40% of global CEOs believe their organisation will no longer be economically viable in 10 years’ time if it continues its current course.


Of the 4,000 CEOs from 105 countries who responded to PwC’s annual Global CEO Survey, the majority felt it was critically important for them to reinvent their business for the future.


Some of the critical areas of focus identified for CEOs include:

• Creating stability in the age of uncertainty
• Adapting to the future of work
• Adopting ESG as part of your business model
• Accelerating digital transformation
• Cultivating robust agility
• Talent retention and development
• Leadership talent pipeline
• Overall employee experience
• Hybrid and remote work, and how to optimise this for both employees and for business outcomes
• Relevance and sustainability


The last few years have changed the expectation of leadership. No longer just being about decision-making and critical thinking and crafting a strategic plan, but rather becoming a fuller, more holistic approach to leadership. One which involves humanity and kindness and empathy.


Leadership which looks to the bigger picture. The impact and consequences on community of decisions, which considers corporate and social responsibility in a much broader way, and of an evolving workforce who want more from their leaders.


We need Big Leadership to create the future:
• Big Vision
• Bold Decisions
• Brave Action


This program is about you developing big leadership yourself, and in the leaders around you. Developing Big Vision, making Bold Decisions, and taking Brave Action to create the future that matters to you and your community.



  • Too focused on the immediate rather than the strategic?


  • Finding it challenging to develop a future focus while balancing the demands of today?


  • Wondering how to create a relevant sustainable future for your organisation and your people?


  • Challenged to lead in the rapidly emerging workplace?


  • Wanting to create space for bigger thinking and developing future options and pathways?


  • Finding your leadership team are not ready to step up to the increasing requirements of current leadership?


  • Wanting to develop your own leadership to the next level… to go Big?





➤ Strategies for investing yourself in the most important, impactful areas, rather than trying to do everything.

➤ Clarity on what is important for creating a sustainable and relevant future for yourself, your people and your organisation.

➤ Clarity about the things that contribute to you operating in your zone of genius, understanding your strengths and how to bring them to the fore in a rapidly changing workplace.

➤ Strategies for developing your own Big Leadership. Developing bigger vision, making bold decisions and taking brave action.

➤ Options for developing the capability and accountability of your executive leadership team

➤ Understanding of what it means to lead systemic change and how to begin your next steps towards creating certainty and stability in your leadership, becoming a visible and trusted leader for your team, your tribe, and your world.



  • You are a new CEO and want to acclimate fast.
  • You are an experienced CEO who wants to go to the next level.
  • You are a CEO moving into a different CEO role or organisation.
  • You know that to create a relevant sustainable organisation for the longterm you, and/or your team, need to adapt and change.
  • You need the space and time to create the future.
  • You need your executive leadership team to grow and develop.
  • You know it will be easier with the right support and accountability.
  • You have a significant portfolio.
  • You understand that this is simply the beginning of significant change andthat you as a leader need to be positioned to make a bigger impact in orderto lead the change ahead.




  • You don’t feel the urgency to lead now.
  • You feel like it’s not that important.
  • You want someone else to do the hard work.
  • You’re not interested in learning



The 3 aspects of developing Big Leadership: Big Vision; Bold Decisions; and Brave Action.



This program is for CEOs who aim to make a significant impact for themselves, their
teams and their organisation.


  • Needs Analysis Strategy Session
  • Executive Coaching Program
  • Quarterly Deep Dive Intensive Sessions – ½ Day (Silver)
  • Open Access – Up to 1 day Per Month (Gold)
  • ‘In The Moment’ Email & Phone Support
  • Strengths Profiling & Review
  • A copy of Stacey’s Books – First Lead Yourself, Power Up, and Big Leadership
  • Lifetime access to the 1000leaders Initiative online curriculum
  • A Leading Possibility Journal
  • Program Review and Recommendations
  • 3 Months Post Program Email and Phone Support


We need Big Leadership. What got us here will not get us there. We need bigger thinking. We need bolder decision-making. We need brave action to create the future.


If you need the Space, the Strategies, and the Support to get traction fast and elevate your leadership and impact, then ASPIRE.



Managing Director, Australasia

NBC Universal

I worked with Stacey over a six-month period to explore alternative pathways to problem-solving and people management within my business.

Stacey was an expert guide to help me consider a variety of solutions which were not automatically top of mind. I found the process extremely enlightening,

Stacey has a deep appreciation of business management which resulted in our conversations often extending beyond the scope of what I expected.

I am deeply appreciative of her empathetic and collaborative style and would not hesitate
to undertake further coaching with her in the future.


CEO, Pacific

ACCOR Hotels

I have lent on Stacey over the last 10 years for great advice, leadership development and coaching.

Stacey is someone with a natural understanding of what is required in the moment to lead.

Stacey has an acute understanding of what leaders, teams and the world have experienced, with an ability to find the lessons, the wins, and how we can use this for future benefit.


Assistant Secretary, Commercial Providers

Australian Department of Health

Stacey’s experience, advice and availability to act as a sounding board has helped me to build resilience and develop effective strategies for responding to issues as they arise.

I found her experience and insights incredibly valuable. I learned strategies for maintaining perseverance and momentum in an organisation with a challenging culture and behaviours.

Having a regular check in with someone outside the organisation kept me accountable, provided me objective advice, support and encouragement to keep me going.



People describe Stacey as the leader’s leader. The person who can help to make the complex simple. Able to offer the simple, practical, next step, in a strategic context. The person leaders lean on when they are facing situations and circumstances that are at the same time challenging, exciting, offering opportunity, and often moving through uncharted territory. A pathfinder if you like.


In 2023 Stacey received the Thought Leader Of The Year Gold Award at the International Stevie Awards for Women In Business in New York. One of her 14 Stevie awards. She has been twice named in the global LinkedIn Top Voices, and Thinkers360 Top Voices globally and for APAC.


A prolific content creator, Stacey is the author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership. She has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple and practical ideas for immediate application.


Stacey is focused on futureproofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.


She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy, and programs, consults, and coaches.