Be A Leader With Power – Using Self Coaching

Be A Leader With Power - Using Self Coaching

Be A Leader With Power – Using Self Coaching

Have you ever had a bad day, like a really rotten day where it just felt like the world was out to get you? Nothing was easy, everything broke, everything and everyone was running late and you just don’t know how you’re going to actually survive the day, let alone get anything done.

There’s no perfect day, no perfect situation. There’s only what you make of it and it’s always your choice. That’s part of leadership… what you choose.

About a week ago my daughter, who’s just started high school, rang me in a panic because she had forgotten her wallet and she just realized that she had no money for lunch and no bus pass for her to get home from school. In her words she was ‘freaking out’ and upset. She felt like her whole day was out of her control – the situation was a little bit beyond her experience and she really didn’t know what to do. She was looking to me to solve her problem.

Once she calmed down a little bit, with a couple of key questions, we got her back on track. She figured it out: how to get some lunch and how she was going to get herself home. A couple of key coaching questions and really quickly she moved from being below the line with no resources and no power, to above the line with options and good choices that she could make for herself. She really took control of herself and then the situation.

Self-leadership is really the first dimension of leadership overall. It’s what we choose for ourselves, the responsibility that we take that can make the difference between the ‘everything is going wrong day’ and a day where we can really make a difference. We can get stuff done….. and feel the power!

Part of self-leadership is working with what you’ve got, rather than complaining about what’s missing. I say stop wallowing below the line and being a victim of circumstance and actually take control of the things that you can take control of and that is firstly ‘self’. That’s moving from ‘I can’t’ to ‘I can’. Work with what you’ve got rather than complaining about what’s missing.

Get yourself above the line and into resourcefulness as quickly as possible…that’s leadership.

Leadership is about stepping up and taking responsibility for leading yourself, leading others, and the situation. You can choose to take control of yourself and how you respond or not. That’s what my daughter learned- and she’s only 12. She went from slightly hysterical and freaking out because she had no lunch and no way to get home on the bus, to making some good choices and taking back her power. It was all about choice.

How many times have you thought to yourself it’s all too hard, or I can’t do this today I’m not in the right frame of mind? I say, make a different choice that gives you control. Only you have that power for yourself…use your power, self coach and notice the change it makes to your results.

Love to know your thoughts.

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