Big Leadership

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Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a Leadership Visionary.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence and credibility. With 9 international Stevie awards, Stacey has been named twice in LinkedIn’s Top Voices.

The author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books on leadership, Stacey has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application.

Stacey is often described as the leader for leaders.[/minti_headline]

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How CEOs
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The last few years have changed the expectation of leadership. No longer only about decision making, critical thinking, and delivering a strategic plan, but becoming a fuller, more holistic, and human approach to leadership. Leadership that is impactful, ever enhancing and evolving. That has a greater perspective, considering both tactical solutions and strategic relevance. Leadership that is a true reflection of what a community needs to support and lead them.

What got us here will not get us there. We need Big Leadership. We need bigger thinking. We need bolder decision making. We need brave action to create the future. This book offers straightforward insight into what makes it important for leaders to adopt Big Leadership, and the impacts if they do not. As well as providing practical ideas and approaches for how.

It is time for leaders to go big.


Leadership coaching on the go

Stacey is your leadership coach that you can take with you anywhere you go in convenient book form. Her ability to take the complex and break it down into no-nonsense, straight talk that is actionable is amazing. She evidently feels passionately about big leadership and wants to help as many people as she can on their journey to being the leader that the world needs. I’ve read several of her books and I gain new insights from each one. I hope she will keep sharing her wisdom with us for many years to come.


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Loved this book!

It’s not often you come across a leadership book that stops and makes you think… Think in big way, about big decisions and what it really takes to lead at that next level. Loved this book by Dr Ashley, I highly recommend to all CEs and Aspiring out there to leave their thinking to that next BIG level!


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We NEED leaders who think BIG!

I loved this book the instant I saw the title.

There could not be a better message for our time.

It’s clear things aren’t going back to normal.

Which means that the future will be created by those making bold decisions.

It takes BIG LEADERSHIP to make bold decisions.

With encouragement, inspiration, humility, common sense, practical action steps and a strong message of “quit the fence-sitting and LFG!” (my interpretation of Stacey’s words), BIG LEADERSHIP is sure to resonate with those who know they were born to lead.


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[minti_testimonial author=”Dr Miner” company=”Consultant” img=”34033″]Easy to read – Important to DO

I poured through this book in just a couple of days, it is written in such an engaging way; but more importantly, the concepts it introduces really make you stop and think “Am I fulfilling my potential as a leader?”

I love how each chapter is laid out: What is this concept about? Why is this important? And how do I implement it?

I think we can all agree that leadership today has nothing to do with the “work” that you are skilled at – Stacey clearly lays out in this book what today’s leadership IS about and how you can be a great leader.[/minti_testimonial]

[minti_testimonial author=”Samantha Sutton” company=”Senior Change Manager, QBE Insurance” img=”26251″]I’m thrilled to share my recommendation for “Big Leadership” by Stacey Ashley. From the outset, Stacey’s deep insights and extensive experience shine through. Each page is a testament to her mastery of the subject, offering a roadmap to becoming an effective and influential leader. Stacey seamlessly blends personal anecdotes with well-researched concepts. It’s evident that she understands the challenges leaders face, and her guidance is both relatable and enlightening. “Big Leadership” made me pause and reflect on my own leadership journey. As I read, I found myself nodding in agreement, gaining clarity on areas where I could enhance my own leadership style. I can confidently say that this book has made a substantial impact on my leadership journey. “Big Leadership” is a must read for those driven to lead BIG with unwavering impact.[/minti_testimonial]
[minti_testimonial author=”Stephanie Soter” company=”CEO, EPIC – Empowering People in Communities Inc” img=”33343″]I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the valuable insights your books provide. Your extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of leadership have been instrumental in my own growth as a leader.

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of leading as a CEO, and I remain steadfastly committed to continuous learning and improvement. Your books have been an invaluable resource to me, particularly in recent times, when I was delivering in-house leadership training to my team.

Thank you for your dedication to the development of leaders like myself, and I look forward to any future publications you may have in store.[/minti_testimonial]

[minti_testimonial author=”Yvonne Lungershausen” company=”CEO, Avance Clinical” img=”33346″]Stacey Ashley’s book, “BIG LEADERSHIP,” provides great insights into effective leadership strategies, combined with real-world examples and practical exercises. It is an empowering read and an inspiration for my leadership journey. Stacey has a clear and engaging writing style making concepts very easy to grasp. “BIG LEADERSHIP” is a must-read for anyone looking to enhance their leadership impact and create positive change within their teams and organisation.[/minti_testimonial]