The last few years have changed the expectation of leadership. No longer only about decision making, critical thinking, and delivering a strategic plan, but becoming a fuller, more holistic, and human approach to leadership. Leadership that is impactful, ever enhancing and evolving. That has a greater perspective, considering both tactical solutions and strategic relevance. Leadership that is a true reflection of what a community needs to support and lead them.


What got us here will not get us there. We need Big Leadership. We need bigger thinking. We need bolder decision making.. We need brave action to create the future. This book offers straightforward insight into what makes it important for leaders to adopt Big Leadership, and the impacts if they do not. As well as providing practical ideas and approaches for how.


It is time for leaders to go big.


Are you a leader trying to navigate your way through an ever-changing, ever-accelerating, complex, challenging world? Are you wondering how you’re going to keep it up for the years ahead as you lead the marathon of change?


Leading significant change and transformation is no easy task. Leaders need to champion the change, share the vision, maintain a focus on now and the future, while coping with the highs and lows of operating in rapidly evolving situations.


After months and years of being attention out, giving generously to the people and world around them, leaders are feeling the effects of leading enormous change.


This book shares 12 simple ideas to support your leadership of self, creating a sustainable way for you to lead, so you continue to show up every day. Develop your energy, positivity, resourcefulness, outlook, and resilience.


It is time to focus on you.


As the world scrambled to move business operations online with the outbreak of COVID, and people were challenged to become familiar with a new way of working, ‘You’re On Mute’ became one of the most used phrases in business around the globe.


Now years later, it’s no laughing matter. With more than half of employees wanting to work remotely at least 50% of the time, and more than 75% of departments expected to have some or all of their team working remotely within the next few years, online is a significant feature of the world of work.


Leveraging online is strategically significant, and likely mission critical, for creating sustainable and relevant organisations. Yet many leaders have either failed to recognise the importance of operating effectively online or failed to take decisive action.


Are you still on mute?


This book asks the important questions to help you optimise your leadership presence, influence, and authority online.


2020 was an unprecedented year, bringing challenges that most leaders had never faced before. Leaders needed to be reactive, responsive, and cope with enormous change and a set of conditions that were largely out of their control. Many responded magnificently. Yet it isn’t over.


If 2020 was the sprint of leadership, then 2021 was the beginning of the marathon of leadership. Leaders face years of significant change and transformation. They will be challenged with the ongoing fatigue of surge capacity depletion, as well as the need to maintain relevance for themselves, their teams and their businesses in a world that is markedly different from 2019. They will be leading a long-term systemic change, all while maintaining relationships, visibility and connection to purpose in a sustainable way.


So how do leaders face up to these challenges and be high-performing over the long term?


Here are 5 practical strategies to help you activate your leadership and rise to the challenge. These simple actions will make it easier for you to be an effective and successful leader.


People choose to follow those who lead. It’s that simple.


Do you have the courage to live your leadership, rather than just talk about it. To be a true leader you need to own your leadership. To choose how you will know, be and do leadership. Are you being a leader? Would you choose to follow yourself?


Are you brave enough to first lead yourself? To be a leader who will face up to their current leadership, show up at their best every day and proactively step up their leadership.


This book offers practical tools, ideas, and strategies for leaders to elevate their own daily practice of leadership, to become and to be leaders.


Drawing from a range of fields, you will find easy to implement opportunities for you to build your toolkit and grow your leadership of self. To become a more focused, more equipped, more confident and more courageous leader. A leader others will choose as their leader and aspire to emulate.


It’s simply not good business to promote a leader and then fail to develop and support them. Leaders need help to develop the skills that will take them to their next level. Being a subject matter expert, high performing team member, or doing what you’ve always done is simply not enough.


Yet many organisations are not offering enough support to their new leaders. It’s time to bridge the gap between being a member of a team and leading one.


This book offers practical tools, ideas and strategies for new leaders, and leaders of leaders, to implement immediately. You will build a toolkit to focus your time and effort on the right things at the right time in the right way, and set you up for an easier transition to leadership success right now.


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EPIC – Empowering People In Communities INC

I wanted to express my sincere appreciation for the valuable insights your books provide. Your extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of leadership have been instrumental in my own growth as a leader.

Over the past two decades, I’ve had the privilege of leading as a CEO, and I remain steadfastly committed to continuous learning and improvement. Your books have been an invaluable resource to me, particularly in recent times, when I was delivering in-house leadership training to my team.

Thank you for your dedication to the development of leaders like myself, and I look forward to any future publications you may have in store.


Organisational Change Specialist

Department of Premier & Cabinet, Tasmania 

A cohesive, easy to understand (and apply) read!

Plenty of practical ideas and reminders of how to tuen everyday moments into moments of possibility!

I really liked the prompt to turn everyday reflections for myself and my team into helpful and focused leadership experiences. I’ll be keeping my dog-eared copy close by!


Systems & Data Analyst/Developer

IP Australia

Stacey Ashley has provided me with education, support, encouragement and inspiration in workplace coaching and leadership for many years. Since undertaking her Diploma in Workplace and Business Coaching, participating in her excellent webinars and other learning events, to reading her leadership books, Stacey continues to challenge me to lift my leadership and coaching game. I thoroughly recommend Stacey to any leader who wants to embed coaching into their worklife and take their leadership practice to the next level. Thanks Stacey and I look forward to your next book.