Celebrate Your Wins. One Key to a High Performing Team.

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Celebrate Your Wins. One Key to a High Performing Team.

Every quarter part of my routine is to have a quarterly review and to set the strategy for the next quarter. I do this with my team. And we kick off every review conversation with a celebration of what has happened in the most recent quarter.

What do we celebrate?

We celebrate all of our wins. We notice what is working and we share our learning.

Why do we do this?



1. Because as humans we have this tendency to notice what is not working well, what is going wrong, all the problems, and all the errors. I want to bring balance, to create and support a positive mindset, positive energy, and to notice all of the really incredibly great stuff that we have done individually and together, where we have made progress and what we have achieved.

I want the team to be in an above-the-line, really resourceful position when we begin our planning for the next quarter, so we start with wins. We proactively notice and share what our wins have been. Small wins, big wins, progress, achievements, milestones, even survival sometimes can be a win.

2. As we all know, 2020 was tough and everyone suffered a lot of exhaustion and fatigue because of surge capacity depletion, a real thing. Eventually when you have to ramp up and respond to situation after situation, after situation, the tank runs dry. One of the things that this continuous drain creates is not only fatigue, but a lower level of motivation and focus and energy.

By doing things like stopping to celebrate progress and wins, you are starting to refill your tank so that you have something to draw down. If you want your team to be at their best and to continue to perform well, then you need to create the opportunities for them to refill the tank, to create positive energy, to support resourceful mindsets and approaches, by noticing what’s going well. By noticing the wins, by noticing the progress.

What I find is I need to be deliberate, build it into my routine. So, it is the first agenda item on our quarterly review.

3. I think it goes without saying that people appreciate being acknowledged. They want to be valued. Recognising people, observing their contributions, and then sharing it back to them is fulfilling the acknowledgement and valuing them. On top of that, of course, you can say thank you, which I have also recently written about.

4. Another benefit of this routine of noticing the wins is it changes the pace. I am a big advocate for changing the pace for different stages of our activity. If we are always working at our highest intensity, we do not necessarily do our best work and so we need to have periods of high intensity, periods of reflection, periods of evaluation to bring out our best.


‘Get enough rest. It’s a key factor in high performance + longevity.’

Robin Sharma


So having a moment of celebration, slowing down, reflecting, noticing, and sharing it with your group allows a different pace and it supports the replenishment process as well. I’m a real advocate for this. I see tremendous benefits with the teams I work with.

I’d love for you to try it out with your team.



If you’re not sure where to start, here are some ideas and questions to get you thinking about how you can celebrate, how you can notice the wins and the progress.

You can:

✔️Notice what has been achieved.
✔️Notice progress.
✔️Notice wins.
✔️Notice what is working.
✔️Notice contribution and effort.
✔️Notice learning.
✔️Notice opportunity going forward.

Ask questions of not just yourself, ask your whole team:

👉What have we achieved?
👉What have you achieved?
👉Where have we made progress?
👉Where have you made progress?
👉What has been your big win?
👉What has been your small win?
👉What has been your most valuable win?
👉What is working?
👉What have you learned?
👉What have we learned?
👉What could we be learning?
👉What are our opportunities now?
👉What are our opportunities next month?
👉What are our opportunities for this period?
👉What is possible?
👉What are our options?

Asking these open questions will reveal some great information. This will set you up to be leading in possibility.


I’d love to know your thoughts.

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