In this VUCA world, leaders must navigate the complexities of globalisation, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change and a multi-generational workforce.


Coaching is a powerful tool to develop the potential of people, modify behaviours and drive business success. The 2018 HCI ICF Study found that coaching activities (e.g., one-on-one coaching, team coaching & work group coaching with a professional coach practitioner) are rated as the most helpful in achieving the goals of change management initiatives.


The 2017 ICF study found that organisations with strong coaching cultures indicate recent revenues above that of their industry peer group and report higher employee engagement (61% and 53%, respectively).


Contrary to popular belief, the top three work preferences are the same across most age groups: development opportunities, career advancement and flexibility at work.


Coaching is one of the best ways to develop and grow your talent. Of those who have received coaching, the areas where they report improvement are their work performance, communication skills, productivity, well-being, and business management strategies.


In order for leaders to inspire, influence and engage their people so they can perform and deliver in a world of change, they must develop their practice of leadership. The development of a coaching approach is a key part of this.


  • Want your leaders to build more engaged, higher-performing teams and future leaders?


  • Need your leaders equipped to proactively lead and inspire change and transformation


  • Want to develop a culture of learning, innovation and accountability?


  • Want to retain your key talent?


  • Want to bring out the best in all your people?



When I’m working with leaders, experts, mentors, trainers, coaches and consultants, I commonly find they want and need help to develop the following key areas of leadership coaching practice:


  • How to develop a coaching self-awareness and apply this to action plans;


  • How to coach other people to achieve great results;


  • How to manage workplace relationships and create workplace effectiveness;


  • How to build rapport in the workplace amongst individuals and teams;


  • How to create and foster supportive attitudes, values and beliefs within the workplace


  • How to manage conflict, difficult conversations and negotiations;


  • How to give and receive effective feedback and build relationships in the workplace;


  • How to get people to show initiative and take responsibility


  • How to work with and connect to the different generations in the workplace


  • How to create and sustain a coaching culture;


  • How to identify values, beliefs, and behaviours that enable the successful introduction of corporate strategy;


  • How to create and measure real and sustainable change through coaching; and


  • How to coach individuals and teams to achieve high performance.



  • Develop your self-coaching skills;


  • Coach other people to achieve great results, by developing their capability and accountability through everyday coaching moments;


  • Nurture workplace relationships, trust and connection, and create workplace effectiveness;


  • Integrate coaching into your leadership approach across the flexible working landscape


  • Build rapport in the workplace amongst individuals and teams;


  • Create and foster supportive attitudes, values, and beliefs within the workplace to ensure corporate goals are achieved in alignment with personal values;


  • Coach through conflict, difficult conversations, and negotiations to a more constructive future;


  • Turn feedback into coaching opportunities


  • How to leverage coaching to support the success of change and transformation initiatives


  • Directly affect and influence corporate culture and change;


  • How to leverage coaching to build your talent and leadership pipelines


  • Validate and define the impacts and effectiveness of coaching by quantitative measurement;


  • Identify and develop communication techniques and learning strategies appropriate to the workplace to achieve group and individual effectiveness;


  • Design and implement a coaching program in the workplace; and


  • Confidently coach senior executives in the workplaces.



Senior Advisor, Learning & Development

Gold Coast Hospital & Health Service


The depth and breadth of Stacey’s experience provides for completely relatable stories, anecdotes and scenarios to explore. The models provided throughout the program are simple, logical, practical and accessible, they instantly translate into actions you can implement in your own daily practice.

Additionally, throughout the program, Stacey models the behaviours you are learning and allows plenty of time for practice to help embed the learning and the transition from knowing to doing.

I encourage leaders, regardless of their experience, to engage with Stacey through all her platforms for ideas and insights to elevate their leadership practice.


Managing Director

Tracey Mathers Pty Ltd


The Coaching Leader program was absolutely fantastic!

Stacey is so organised, efficient and aware of your energy levels. Instead of drained at the end of each day, I was so energised.

I thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to anyone thinking of developing their coaching skills as a leader or professional coach.

Stacey has had huge life experience, she’s incredibly good at what she does, she is patient, empathetic, encouraging and gives such good feedback to help you be the best you can be and she has a great sense of humour!

I got more out of these 5 days than I could of hoped for.


Group Leader & Principal Research Scientist



I highly recommend The Coaching Leader to anyone who is leading in any capacity or has a passion to lead.

My initial intention in undertaking the program was really about personal growth, however the information and tools and skills I have developed have far exceeded my expectations. After 5 intensive days, I have the foundational skills to help people come up with solutions that they have been able to find themselves.

While Stacey is very professional, she is also authentic with a great sense of humour and generous with her thoughts and knowledge. I have been very energised to continue to grow as a coaching leader!



People describe Stacey as the leader’s leader. The person who can help to make the complex simple. Able to offer the simple, practical, next step, in a strategic context. The person leaders lean on when they are facing situations and circumstances that are at the same time challenging, exciting, offering opportunity, and often moving through uncharted territory. A pathfinder if you like.


In 2023 Stacey received the Thought Leader Of The Year Gold Award at the International Stevie Awards for Women In Business in New York. One of her 14 Stevie awards. She has been twice named in the global LinkedIn Top Voices, and Thinkers360 Top Voices globally and for APAC.


A prolific content creator, Stacey is the author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership. She has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple and practical ideas for immediate application.


Stacey is focused on futureproofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.


She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy, and programs, consults, and coaches.