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Coming Soon Announcement

Today I’m announcing that my latest two books are on their way, and will be available soon.

Please watch my video for more details.


Here is some information about my latest books to keep you Leading Possibility.


Ready for a leadership Power Up?

Are you a leader trying to navigate your way through an ever-changing, ever-accelerating, complex, challenging world? Are you wondering how you’re going to keep it up for the years ahead as you lead the marathon of change?

Leading significant change and transformation is no easy task. Leaders need to champion the change, share the vision, maintain a focus on now and the future, while coping with the highs and lows of operating in rapidly evolving situations.

After months and years of being attention out, giving generously to the people and world around them, leaders are feeling the effects of leading enormous change.

This book shares 12 simple ideas to support your leadership of self, creating a sustainable way for you to lead, so you continue to show up every day. Develop your energy, positivity, resourcefulness, outlook, and resilience.

It is time to focus on you.

You're On Mute

Are You on Mute?

As the world scrambled to move business operations online with the outbreak of COVID, and people were challenged to become familiar with a new way of working, ‘You’re On Mute’ became one of the most used phrases in business around the globe.

Now two years later, it’s no laughing matter. With more than half of employees wanting to work remotely at least 50% of the time, and more than 75% of departments expected to have some or all of their team working remotely within the next few years, online is a significant feature of the world of work.

Leveraging online is strategically significant, and likely mission critical, for creating sustainable and relevant organisations. Yet many leaders have either failed to recognise the importance of  operating effectively online or failed to take decisive action.

Are you still on mute?

This book asks the important questions to help you optimise your leadership presence, influence, and authority online.

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