Composure on the Ball

Composure on the Ball

Composure on the Ball

Hey, it’s Stacey Ashley here and I wanted to talk to you really quickly about the concept of composure on the ball.

My son is a keen soccer player and this year he’s joined a development squad and everything they do, their whole philosophy, is around developing composure on the ball. Mastering the basic foundation skills so that you don’t need to look down at your feet when you play the game.


What makes that important?

Well, if you’re not looking at your feet you’re looking up, which gives you great vision and you can see the opportunities.

For me, you know, take that philosophy and apply it to the workplace because I know, in terms of myself and the people that I work with, I spend too much time looking down at my feet and not enough time looking up for the opportunities.

So, my question today is what foundation skill or activity, do you need to master so that you can spend more time looking up?



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