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Extended DISC Workshop

Half and full day workshops.
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The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is one of the most popular behavioural tests in the world. Last year it was used on more than a million people using 55 different languages. With the Extended DISC Workshop you can learn more about yourself and your natural strengths – Learn more about your colleagues – Gain an understanding of individual behaviour – Develop better ways of working together – Improve team performance.

Extended DISC for YouExtended DISC for You

The leading psychometric assessment tool Extended DISC® is now available to purchase and complete online.

  • Get the best from yourself, your people and your organisation
  • Make career choices that play to your strengths
  • Identify ideal job roles, key strengths and motivators
  • Discover previously unknown development areas and devise suitable action plans in response

Complete the questionnaires quickly and easily online

Receive a comprehensive report containing more than 20 pages of analysis, interpretation specifically about YOU; and suggestions for further reflection and action


Extended DISC for your Organisation or TeamExtended DISC for your Organisation or Team

By using Extended DISC, you and your team can:

  • Improve recruitment by employing the right person with the best natural characteristics for the role
  • Improve individual performance of your team members by better understanding their strengths motivators, development areas, and the management style they respond to best. You can also identify the areas where they can make the greatest gains in the shortest time – a great starting point for discussion
  • Improve team dynamics by looking at the behavioural style of a team as a whole
  • Understand where gaps exist and what key strengths are under utilised

With a better understanding of behavioural styles, professional and personal relationships are enhanced, communication skills are improved, and conflict is reduced. Not only that, you will be able to fully understand what motivates yourself or others.

The online Extended DISC Profile can be used as a training tool to create better rapport among people in the workplace, particularly in sales, management and leadership. But DISC can also be used for personal development, and other coaching and training applications.


About Extended DISC®

Extended DISC Personal Analysis

The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis are self-assessments that identify the strengths and development areas of an individual. What makes Extended DISC® different from other assessments is that it is able to measure the hard-wired behaviours to exclude the impact of the environment.

In practice, this means that the results show who the individual actually is and not what the person thinks he/she needs to be in the existing environment. As a result, the report identifies the true strengths and development areas to allow for real performance improvement.

The Extended DISC® Personal Analysis is very easy to use. The online questionnaires take only 10 minutes to complete. The results are used for:

  • organizational development
  • leadership development
  • team development
  • sales/team/management training
  • individual development
  • recruitment / internal transfers

The Extended DISC Personality Profile

With the Extended DISC participants take a non-judgmental survey that aims to assess behavioural types and personality styles. It helps people explore their behaviour across four main aspects:

Dominance: Direct and decisive, these people tend to be independent and results driven. Their personality is strong-willed, and they enjoy challenges, taking action, and seeing instant results.

Influence: Influencers are optimistic and outgoing, the social butterflies. They prefer being on teams, talk openly, and often entertain and motivate others.

Steadiness: Typically team players show empathy and are helpful to others. They prefer being behind the scene, working in consistent and predictable ways. They are often good listeners and avoid change and conflict.

Conscientiousness: These people are often focused on details and quality. They plan ahead cautiously and continually check for accuracy. They want to know the “how” and “why” of everything.

Results of the online Extended DISC Profile report helps to provide effective insights, so that team members and leaders can enable better communication, understanding, and tolerance. It can also help managers to assess which tasks are best suited for individuals.


Half and Full Day Workshops (Sydney, Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, Adelaide)

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