Don’t Get Frustrated, Make A Difference

Don’t Get Frustrated, Make A Difference

Hey, good morning, it’s Stacey Ashley here and I just want to share with you a bit of story.

I have spent a few hours last night, three hours, trying to upload a video, and getting super frustrated, and making no progress. And it’s just reminded me of something that I tell my clients all the time and didn’t sort of apply to myself.

So, my message this morning is, don’t do what I did.

So, I’ve been stressing about this thing, over which, I have no control. And it’s really impacted last night, and I spent another hour this morning. And you know what? There isn’t anything that I can do about the upload speed on the internet. And I can’t make my video upload any quicker, and yet, I have been spending a lot of effort and putting a lot of time and energy into something that I can’t make a difference to.

And as I was driving to my client this morning, I kind of had that oh, look what you’ve been doing moment, and so I’ve just let it go because I can’t change it. And you know what, in two weeks it won’t even matter.

So my message is, just remember that sometimes when we can’t influence or control, and we’re getting really frustrated, and I was getting super frustrated, even so much that I snapped at my kids last night, which is just uncalled for and not how I want to show up.

So just remember that if you can’t change it and you can’t influence it, put your energy into things that you can change and influence. And let it go, you know, which is what I’ve done this morning. Just let it go because in two weeks in won’t matter.

So that’s my message, put your energy where you can make a difference.


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