Executive Presence, Do you have it?

Executive Presence, Do you have it?

Do you have Executive Presence? That special something that means people know you’re in the room. And not because you’re the loudest, or the showiest.

Authentic and positive personal presence draws us in. It is about the way we carry ourselves, the way we walk and the positive impact we bring with us. It’s a state of being.

For anyone who’s seen the video of Lt. General David Morrison speaking about unacceptable conduct in the Australian Army, you’ll know what I mean when I say executive presence also means impact.


What you may not realise is that Lt General Morrison is not a very big man, but he certainly has a big executive presence.

Executive Presence – It’s how you show up. It’s your brand, your personal brand in action. It really sets people’s expectations of what you promise to deliver. It’s people’s experience of you and whether that experience of you is as a leader.

In a recent survey, Forbes Magazine quoted senior executive presence as counting for 26% of what it takes to get promoted. If you don’t have it, it’s going to impact you.

It’s like people who say dress for the role that you want. You need to show up now with executive presence as if you already have that Executive role.

If you don’t show up, people’s experience of you will not be one of a leader. You won’t have influence. You won’t have impact. You won’t be present. People simply won’t recognize you as a leader, someone that they are willing to look to for direction and inspiration, to follow and learn from. Your ability to make a difference will be compromised.

How do you develop your own executive presence? A few simple tips to get you focused on growing your own executive presence.

  1. Focus on your mind-body balance. We need to have congruence so we can actually show up as our complete selves. To be authentic.
  2. Every single day, ask yourself the questions:
    1. How am I showing up?
    2. What is people’s experience of me?
    3. And ask yourself if it’s the one you want them to be having?
  3. Live in the moment. Be mindful. Actually recognize that the only moment you can influence is the one that’s happening now.
  4. Finally, work with your energy and the things that strengthen you. Focus on those things where you have knowledge, that you enjoy doing, and where you can contribute; the things that bring you energy and strengthen you. Then you can show up authentically and play to your strengths.

Love to hear what works for you.

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