How To Find The Courage To Coach

How To Find The Courage To Coach

How To Find The Courage To Coach

Hi. It’s Stacey Ashley here from and today I want to share with you some tips about how to find the courage to coach.

So I’ve been at the Cert IV in Workplace & Business Coaching all week and I’ve known in the back of my mind I really need to get this post done.

Last week I posted about the importance about HR leaders supporting the rest of the leaders in the business to really step up and using coaching to do that and somebody commented on my post to say look not everyone is courageous enough to coach.

And, on reflection, fair enough that’s absolutely true. And so I really wanted to provide you with some thoughts about how you can find the courage to coach.  Because we all know that coaching is a really great way to support people, to encourage them, to build accountability, and to help them learn and grow. And, of course, self-coaching is a wonderful thing that we can do for ourselves and so I don’t want anything to get in the way of you coaching yourself and the people around you.

So here are my thoughts on how you can find the courage to coach.

  1. Firstly, build some skills. Help yourself develop a level of confidence, competence, that make you more comfortable with the concept of coaching the people around you.
  2. The second thing is to pick some really safe opportunities to coach. People who are open to coaching or who are even prepared to maybe do a little bit of role playing with you, just so that you can practice and, again, build your confidence and feel more comfortable when the opportunity arises to coach in the workplace that, yes, you know how to do this and you can do this.
  1. The next thing to think about in terms of trying to find the courage to coach is really reflect on what would be the impact if you don’t coach? What are the down sides? What are the consequences of not coaching? What won’t change? What won’t be different?
  2. And then finally, of course, on the flip side of that is what are the benefits of coaching? What’s the really big difference that you could make? Or the lots of little differences that add up every single day when you take those coaching moments and actually use them and do step in to the coaching space and offer that opportunity for great choices and great decisions and great changes to be made to the people around you?

So this is Stacey Ashley from @ashleycoaching. Love to hear how your coaching moments go and if you like this post, please leave a comment below.