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We believe self-leadership is the first dimension of Leadership. The First Lead Yourself™ (FLY) online program offers you great personal leadership development tips that you can implement straight away, as well as twice monthly coaching and mentoring to keep you focused and implementing.

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About the First Lead Yourself Program™

  1. We’ll start by clearing the clutter. I’m going to help you create the time and space to be able to focus on your professional development without feeling guilty. You’ll get some cool strategies that will support you from now ‘til forever. Making sure you are efficient- doing things right, and effective- doing the right things.
  2. Next, we’re going to focus on your leadership mindset. Equipping you with the strategies to be resourceful, to get the feedback that supports your development and to focus on what you can do.
  3. Now we move from mindset to your emotional intelligence. Specifically, self-awareness and self-management. Giving you the tools to make great choices for yourself as a leader.
  4. Then we’ll focus on your presence. Your focus in the moment so you can have influence and impact. Not to mention building your personal brand through how people experience you.
  5. Then we get into the real fun, your strengths. Identifying what brings you energy and how to do more of it, build competence and play to your strengths. It’s so much easier to be in your high-performance zone when you leverage your strengths.
  6. Once we have all of this in place we’re going to amp up your decision-making skills to support you. You’ll learn how to tap into your intuition and operate in the VUCA world as a leader using your knowledge, experience and intuition.

Any one of these things can dial up your leadership immediately, and my experience is that ONE of these is going to resonate with you and stand out as the BIG opportunity for you specifically…so we’ll be able to spend more time on that one with you.

I’ll be working with this group personally… and I only want to work with people who can implement, test and report back on their results.

What do I get?

What do I get?

Save  when you enroll now! Normally $1997, now only $997.

  • 6 modules, private FLY leaders support group, and twice monthly live coaching & mentoring, to quickly shed stress, overwhelm and long hours and move into..
  • Greater Joy, Confidence, Purpose, Satisfaction and Clarity as you:
  • Develop and perfect your skills and mindset for rapid leadership transformation
  • Quickly and easily clear clutter, and increase your emotional intelligence
  • Discover and embrace your strengths
  • Elevate and convey clear presence
  • Master confident decision making
  • and more….

BONUS Now with Lifetime Access to the First lead Yourself™ online training and coaching program

Who is it for?

Who is it for?

If you…

  • are already a leader
  • aspiring to be a leader
  • want great results in your role
  • want to prioritise your leadership
  • are prepared to hold the mirror up
  • are friendly and coachable

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Here’s what Samantha said about her experience of First Lead Yourself™

‘As a result of your coaching Stacey, I wish to thank you for enabling me to step up into a strategic change leadership role. Your First Lead Yourself program was key in preparing me for this. Your pragmatic approach made it easy for me to take action, focus on what I do best, and take responsibility for how I show up each day. I am a better leader today because of the FLY program and continued coaching I receive’

Here’s what Lucy said about her experience of First Lead Yourself™

‘I’m loving this work.  It gives me that lift in energy you talk about in the Strengths based module.  In the last 6 weeks I’ve noticed my confidence improve, my communication style is more assertive (because I’m calmer and clearer within myself), I feel I have something to offer the business (greater sense of self… from eliciting feedback), I’m more efficient, greater access to effective decision making skills, the list could go on.   Thank you so much for the offering the programme, First, Lead Yourself.  It has been a subtle and yet very effective leadership coaching program.

…The biggest difference for me is in the clarity of thought. I just feel less cluttered in my head, obviously less cluttered in my work space, and having that clarity of thought of what’s important for me. Truly understanding how I want to show up professionally has been really powerful for me. ….’

Here’s what Tania said about her experience of First Lead Yourself™

‘Prior to this program, I was having difficulty fitting everything in my day, especially my family.  My day was filled with emails and making decisions which repeatedly prioritised  little jobs and tasks over the big tasks that matter AND my family. This was both frustrating and draining – I felt like the things that matter were never getting done.  The first module was the boost I needed to organise myself.  The simple strategy that I choose when I deal with my emails and effectively organising my calendar with priorities and key tasks have refocused my energies on tasks that energise me (my strengths) and help me finish those big projects on time.  It has also handed me control of my work/life balance.  I now leave work feeling energised because I have completed key outcomes rather than drained because I still need to go home and complete that project.  Leading myself first has also given me more time to work with and develop others, one of the aspects of my job that I most enjoy.’

Here’s what Noe said about his experience of First Lead Yourself™

‘There is no better, clear cut, simple strategy to changing yourself for the better than Stacey’s First Lead Yourself program. Reading books to inspire yourself is important but actually doing what you need to do to to make change, that’s paramount. Not only have I become a more effective coworker, I have also become a better husband and father. I am able to control how much presence I have instead of hoping I’m more present. I am more organized and less reactive than I have ever been. I am grateful to Stacey for teaching me how to change my life for the better. Thanks to Stacey’s program, I found my confidence and the wherewithal to plan my career transition and be ruthlessly disciplined to go after it. I secured a job that most people thought I was crazy to go for and I’m excited to continue using the tools she has given me to continue the career path I have set for myself.’

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