How To Help Your Leaders Develop A Coaching Toolkit

How To Help Your Leaders Develop A Coaching Toolkit

How To Help Your Leaders Develop A Coaching Toolkit

A few weeks ago I was at the AHRI National Convention (Australian Human Resources Institute) asking the question ‘What are the challenges your organisation faces over the next 6 months?’

The theme showing up in the answers won’t surprise you: the gap in people capability between being a great performer as a subject matter expert and being an effective people leader. Whether in IT, Sales, Finance, Engineering or Healthcare there is a transition between the old role and the new, and managers are not getting the support they need to successfully navigate that transition easily. The skills that made them a great performer are not enough to become a successful and effective people leader. More and different skills are needed to lead and manage a team.

Like I said, no surprise.

So how are you closing that gap at the moment?

Coaching is recognised as one of the leading ways to develop talent across the business, to bring out their best.

Do your managers and leaders know how to do this?

Do they have the coaching skills in their toolkit to optimise the coaching moments in everyday conversations?

  • Have you got a minute?
  • Performance reviews
  • Team Meetings
  • Problem solving
  • Building accountability
  • Leading Change
  • And more …

Our LEADER AS COACH and ACCREDITED COACH TRAINING are our most requested programs.

These program focus on developing participants coaching skills so they can handle everyday conversations and situations more effectively and with more confidence. Helping them to close the gap and step into the role of leaders more easily.

Having led teams from a handful to 100’s of people for years, and coached leaders at all levels, I’d love to teach you and your team the secrets to effective coaching in the workplace.

These programs will provide the core skills to have coaching conversations with individuals and teams in your workplace.

IDEAL AUDIENCE: Leaders at all levels from front line to executive and anyone who wants to build more effective working relationships.


  • Ask better questions and start “really” listening (rather than jumping in)
  • Coach people through change and conflict
  • Encourage feedback and have better conversations
  • Move from a telling and directing approach to an approach that engages and motivates people
  • Gain time back through developing and leading your team and delegating
  • Build better relationships with your peers, customers, management
  • Identify learning styles in others in order to communicate with them better
  • Set goals, coach yourself and your team for higher performance and to take action
  • Have successful performance management conversations
  • Align team values and vision to organisational strategy
  • Use a whole range of coaching tools in different workplace scenarios



  • Tools and frameworks to support effective conversations
  • The Leadership Performance Boost 28 Day Self Coaching Challenge
  • The opportunity to give and receive great coaching
  • The confidence to have coaching style conversations in the workplace immediately



Dr Kim Vella, Kim Vella Consulting

Stacey is a wonderful coach and educator. She inspires others to be the best leaders they can be through coaching. Her support is concrete and practical and what you learn in the Cert IV and Diploma from Stacey will make a real difference beyond the courses.

Dr Jan Anderson-Muir, Australian Public Service Commission

Stacey offers a brilliant Cert IV Workplace and Business Coaching course, which I attended last week. Her course was highly engaging and practical, her knowledge of the topic vast, and her very special capacity to connect with participants greatly appreciated.

Maxine Taylor, Senior Manager Customer Service, UBANK

From the outset Stacey at Ashley Coaching demonstrated that she was willing to support our business & our new coaches to get the skills they needed to excel in their roles. Over the 12-month Diploma course the coaches learnt great coaching skills through experiential learning, which has resulted in significant increases in all key metrics of performance in our department. Additionally, the great intangibles that come along with having effective coaching, such as high staff engagement & low attrition continue to reinforce the benefits of the skills the team acquired with …. Stacey was also very flexible in dealing with our ever changing training needs. We have been able to create a dialogue around a “Coaching Culture” & the momentum around this continues to increase. I would highly recommend Stacey’s program for workplace coaching to anyone who is looking to increase their business’ performance, staff “buy in” and customer satisfaction.