How CEOs Can Be Deliberate About Your Leadership And Make More Impact.

How CEOs Can Be Deliberate About Your Leadership And Make More Impact.

High performers spend at least 65% of their work effort and time on the things that have high impact and are not urgent. Did you know that less than 15% of the population are high performing?

Do you want to make more of an impact, make more of a difference, feel like you’re making progress, contributing at the right level, and adding value?

Consider this.

CEOs are a precious and finite resource. You need to invest your time and energy wisely in order to make the most impact in your role.

This means no more ‘I’m too busy.’ Being overwhelmed with competing priorities does not help you to make the biggest difference. To help you gain clarity about where to put your time, energy and attention and make the most impact, I have two questions for you.

I suggest you give yourself some space to reflect on the answers to these questions. Once you have had a chance to reflect on the questions and gained some insights for yourself, then you have the opportunity to make more informed choices about where to focus yourself in future. To identify where to make the most difference, so you can feel like you are making progress, contributing, and leading. You start with first leading yourself.

Here are the two key questions:

What are you doing right now that you shouldn’t be?

What aren’t you doing right now that you should be?

These two questions will help you understand where your time goes, and where it should be going. Based on your answers to these questions, you have the opportunity to make some changes.

You might:
➥ Make time in your schedule for the things that are important. The true priorities, rather than the urgent.
➥ Make informed choices about where you want to make progress.
➥ Be ruthlessly disciplined with your focus once you decide what to focus yourself on.
➥ Choose not to put energy and time into things that simply do not matter.

If you want to make a difference and have impact in your role, then be intentional about it. Choose to add value on the things that matter. The things that only you can do.

Focus does not mean saying yes, it means saying no.’

Steve Jobs

What aren’t you doing right now that you should be? In times of change, turbulence and emergency, good leaders focus specifically and only on the important. The things you should be doing. The things that make a difference now and in the future.

So, what is your first next step to stop doing the things you should not be and start doing the things you should be?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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