How CEOs Can Leverage Business Awards to Create a Future of Possibility.

How CEOs Can Leverage Business Awards to Create a Future of Possibility.

As we inch closer to the Beam Awards, the excitement in the air is palpable. I am thrilled to be attending the gala as a finalist tomorrow night, and I wanted to share a sneak peek with everyone who has supported me on this journey.

Today, I’ve been wrapped up in the whirlwind of finishing key activities for clients, as well as getting ready for the event. From choosing the perfect outfit, to finalising my acceptance speeches should I win, it’s been quite a ride! And of course, a leader never forgets her most essential accessory: a clear, confident mindset, ready to embrace whatever the evening brings. I’ll have my very own cheer squad and support crew…my daughter, who is my date for the night.

As I step into the venue tomorrow night, ready for a wonderful experience, know that I carry with me all the encouragement, support, and goodwill you’ve shared. I’m incredibly grateful for the wonderful community around me.

While the BEAM Gala Awards Dinner will be an evening of glitz and glamour, there is so much more to gain from legitimate business awards. Here are just a few thoughts on what makes entering business awards worthwhile.



For legitimate business awards there is typically a nomination and/or application process. This provides a wonderful way to reflect on your own, your team’s and your organisation’s activities, events, progress, contribution, and learning.

This creates the opportunity to do this reflection, which may not otherwise happen.

► You and your team gather the evidence of progress, goals, and accomplishments. A testament to what you have achieved.
► You can reflect on how far you have come individually and together.
► You can recognise everything done over the period.
► More importantly you create the opportunity to appreciate the effort.

From a team perspective business awards are great for:

► Valuing effort from individuals and the whole team.
► Remembering progress.
► Capturing the record of events.
► Reminding each other of what we have done – alone and together.
► Noticing what happened.
► Building belief in self and team.
► Evidencing your progress.
► Growing confidence.
► Recognising competence and experience.
► Providing a goal/target to aim for.
► Assessing yourself and your team.
► Measuring progress.
► Developing and demonstrating credibility.

Appreciation is a wonderful thing: It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.

Voltaire, French Enlightenment writer


Following submission of award entries there is an independent judging process. Typically, each entry is judged by a number of judges against a defined set of criteria. This often leads to a list of identified finalists for each award. Those who met or surpassed the threshold criteria for their category. The award winner comes from this group.

This process offers a range of benefits for the award entrants:

► Provides an independent assessment.
► Allows benchmarking against the best in your field or industry.
► Provides external feedback – so important for improvement and identifying opportunity.
► Fosters recognition.

Then comes the big announcement, often at a gala event.

There’s so much to enjoy simply being part of it. Enjoying the build-up. Connecting with friends and colleagues and making new ones. We all need to take a little more time a little more often to stop and soak up the experience. Enjoy the moment.

Winning is not the only thing. There is so much else to be gained.

► You learn where and how to improve.
► You can strive for improvement.
► You might develop a goal for the future.
► Foster your motivation.
► Simply enjoy the journey.
► You can celebrate others.
► You may recognise opportunity for next time, and/or set a target for the future.
► You can value the effort and value your team.
► You can aspire for the future.
► You can allow yourself to be inspired.
► You may inspire others too.

Yes winning is a lovely feeling. To be recognised amongst a group of world class peers. So:

► Enjoy the moment.
► Celebrate with everyone.
► Share with the team.
► Soak up the endorsement of your credibility.
► Share the news.
► Position Yourself for the future.
► Leverage the evidence of your experience, expertise, value.



The announcement of the award winner is not where it ends. There is so much else to value and benefit from whether you win or not.

► Reflection on what you/your team gained and learned, and where to from here.
► Celebration over the long term.
► Recognise and value others and their contributions.
► Leverage into your personal brand and business marketing.
► Position yourself and your team, in your organisation, your industry and community.
► Inspiration, yours, and others.
► Build credibility.
► Confidence boost.
► A demonstrated track record.

These are my immediate thoughts on what awards can offer you, your team, and your business. I know there is much more than I have noted here.

In summary, I believe business awards do these 3 things for your leadership.

  1. They benchmark your competence.
  2. They elevate your confidence.
  3. They create credibility.

This is invaluable leadership positioning.

One day to go…fingers crossed.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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