How Do You Leverage Experience?

How Do You Leverage Experience?

How Do You Leverage Experience?

Last Wednesday I flew to Melbourne for the day. On the flight home, once we had landed in Sydney, the First Officer announced that we had been part of the final flight for the Qantas Captain on the 737, and asked for the passengers to join him in celebrating this milestone. After 30 years of flying the 737 this Qantas Captain was moving on.

What really stood out to me though, was where he was moving on to.

Was Qantas retiring this captain? No. They were offering him a new challenge. He’s now going to be flying the 787, their newest aircraft. He’s about to commence his 787 training in readiness for the delivery of the aircraft into Australia.

I just thought, wow, that is remarkable to see an organisation that values experience, competence and wisdom. So much so that they are deliberately going to leverage it and take it into their next era of flying.

What would it be like if your organisation harnessed wisdom, expertise and experience instead of retiring it?

What kind of difference would it make?

What kind of impact?

Imagine retaining that knowledge. Imagine retaining the experience of all different kinds of situations and complexities. Imagine sharing that wisdom and experience with less experienced people in your organisation. What would be the impact of that?

I just think it’s a wonderful story, and I wanted to share it with you because I don’t think we do enough of this in our organisations. Yes, we need youth and we need injections of vitality and fresh new ideas, which is not to say that more mature people don’t bring those things. In addition though, I believe that we really need to acknowledge the importance of holding onto the ‘great’ that we already have as well.

I would really love to know your thoughts on this and how you are leveraging expertise and experience.


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