How To Change The Way You Offer Feedback From ‘Cringe’ To ‘Gift’

How To Change The Way You Offer Feedback From 'Cringe' To 'Gift'

How To Change The Way You Offer Feedback From ‘Cringe’ To ‘Gift’

Hi. It’s Stacey Ashley here from

Today what I want to do is share with you what I think is one of the most important elements about giving feedback that’s really effective.

I was speaking to a client earlier today and they were talking about the reputation that feedback has in their organization and it really raised for me the idea that how we give feedback is really based on our intent. What do I mean by that? Feedback has got a really bad reputation. The word feedback kind of makes people cringe and they don’t really want to have much to do with it.

What I really want to do is to get you to start thinking about your purpose in giving feedback.

For me, feedback is a gift. It’s an opportunity. If I don’t get feedback I don’t have the opportunity to learn and grow and change and to make a great choice for myself, and so I really appreciate it.

But not everybody looks at it like that, because their experience hasn’t been great.


So how, when you’re about to give feedback, can you create that opportunity, that choice, that gift? I believe it comes down to your intent.

  1. Why is it that it’s so important for you to offer this feedback to someone?
  2. What’s your positive intent?
  3. What’s the thing that you want for them?

When you nail that, then you’ve got a great platform for giving effective feedback.

This is Stacey Ashley at Ashley Coaching and I really love this area feedback. If you do too, leave a comment below.