May 25
How to Handle Interruptions

How to Handle Interruptions

Hi there, it’s Stacey Ashley from Today I want to talk to you about the importance of self-coaching when you’re faced with interruptions.

Most of my clients have got really long to-do lists, big teams, or they’re running their own businesses. So there’s lots to do, and interruptions can really, really suck out their time. So one of the things that I think is most important is to self-manage around interruptions, so that our to-do list stays under control because our interruptions are under control.

So next time you’re faced with an interruption, someone says, “Have you got a minute? Can you have a look at this?,” any of those other impromptu things- phone calls, even sudden meetings requests, think about what is the most important thing I need to be doing right now? You’re a really valuable resource, and you need to invest yourself wisely.

Self-coaching, making that upfront choice is fundamental in terms of both managing self, managing the interruption and making sure that you’re spending yourself as a resource in the most wise way that you can.

So self-coaching, what is the most important thing I can be doing right now? Do I go with the interruption, or do I stick with the work that I was already focused on?

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