How To Have Meetings That Rock

How to have meetings that rock

How To Have Meetings That Rock

Want to have meetings that rock?

Have more effective meetings, with more energy and higher engagement.

I share a quick #coachingtip for improving your meetings in this short video.


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It’s Stacey Ashley here and today I want to talk to you about meetings. How to make your meetings more effective, with more energy and more engagement.

And the secret is just ask a quick question in the positive at the beginning of the meeting. And have everybody in your meeting quickly make a response, celebrate all the great things that come out and then jump into your meeting.

So what would be an example of a positive question? You could ask something like, “What’s one of your wins from last week?” Or, “What great things have happened since we last got together?” Quickly go round the room, everybody gets to answer, we all get to celebrate and then we get on with the business of the meeting.

So that’s how you make your meetings more effective, more energised and with more engagement. I’d love to know how you go with it.



Stacey Ashley is a workplace coaching expert, speaker and author of ‘The New Leader, From Team Member To People Leader – A Practical Guide’. (Available in Sept. 2018.) Dual Stevie Award winner and nominated for the Telstra Business Women’s Awards three times, Stacey works with people to develop their coaching leadership.

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