How To Have One-On-Ones That Work

How To Have One-On-Ones That Work

How To Have One-On-Ones That Work

Are your one-on-ones high value?

How do you get the best from your boss and your team in your time together?

Today’s #coachingtip will help you shape your one-on-ones to be focused and valuable.

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Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley and I have another great coaching tip for you today.

Today I want to focus on your one-on-one meetings. Really important meetings that you have, either with your boss or with your direct reports. Now my experience is, and when I talk to my clients, their experience is, that they don’t really get enough value out of their one-on-ones. And sometimes actually that their one-on-ones get postponed or cancelled on a fairly regular basis.

So my coaching tip today is about how to make those one-on-ones and your time really valuable. And it’s really simple, instead of it being a meeting where you focus on what’s happened, let’s focus it on what’s going to happen, what you’re going to make happen.

And so the key questions really are firstly, yes we want to celebrate wins, things that have been achieved, and progress over the last week or fortnight or month, but really the bulk of the meeting should be forward facing.

So it’s about what are you going to focus on. What kind of help or support do you need. And if you’re the person asking for help, then that’s great, you can get that from your boss. If you’re the boss, then it creates an opportunity for you to be able to support your direct reports. So let’s change the focus and get real value out of our on-on-ones.


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