I’m writing the book. A call to arms for Big Leadership. Are you in?

I’m writing the book. A call to arms for Big Leadership. Are you in?

This week has been book writing week. It is always an immersive, intense experience, and this week has been no different. I have had periods of great flow during my writing, and other periods of what I call a muddy brain, and yet the book is taking shape. I am trusting the process, as I know it will be well worth it.

As I have prepared to write this book about big leadership, I have come to realise that I need to embody big leadership. If it is a call to arms, then I am the first person that needs to respond to the call. To be able to articulate big leadership, I need to have experienced it. And so I have been reflecting and preparing and getting nervous and reflecting again about what it is to embark on big leadership. To live big leadership, to experience it and to understand that it truly is big.

Big leadership is about playing a bigger game, perhaps a different game altogether. It is about recognising the decisions you make are part of the infinite game. It is about broadening perspective and recognising that what is possible is enormous and almost unknowable.

I don’t think even I know how big, big leadership is. And so I call on leaders who want more, want to contribute more, want to make more of a difference, want to create more of a future. Who believe that there are options and opportunities if we seek them, and if we act.

This is not for the fainthearted, and it requires courage. It requires courage in the not knowing. It requires courage in the exploration and discovery, in the seeking information and insights and perspectives from others. It is recognising that you do not know, you do not have the answer, but that you do have a responsibility to seek out what is possible and to lean into that.

To be a catalyst of change. To ask the hard questions without knowing all the answers. To recognise that yes, you may be the obstacle. To know that things will continue to change at an ever increasing pace, and that rather than playing catch up, you need to master that and be part of it. To help to create, rather than simply react.

It is not enough to rest on your laurels, to procrastinate, to hope to see which way the wind blows. To rely on your past performance and past track record is not enough. To assume your experience to date will get you through. You must always be learning, you must always be experimenting if you are going to play the bigger game of big leadership.

Develop your practise of leadership. Develop your skills and capability. Continue to expand what is possible for you. Lean into it, embody it, embrace it. Leadership is not a head based activity. It requires your head, heart, and gut, all of you, all of your resources, all of who you can become and who you can be. It is not about working harder, it is about having a bigger approach to leadership.

Big vision. Bold decisions. Brave action, to create the future. The world needs big leadership. It needs you to adopt a big leadership approach. To make the difference that only you can. I am calling on leaders to step up, to answer the call and become the leaders that people need, that organisations need, that industries need, that communities need.

This book is a challenge to all leaders. To do and be more.

There is simply not enough leadership happening in our world to comprehensively lead the challenges, obstacles, and opportunities we face.

We need more leaders. True leaders.

We need Big Leadership, and I am so looking forward to sharing this book with you.

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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