Keep It Simple Stupid, How to Lead Yourself This Year

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Keep It Simple Stupid, How to Lead Yourself This Year

I’ve been struggling with what to write about in this week’s article. There’s so much already being said about how to tackle 2021, how to overcome 2020, and so on. I don’t want to just take up your time with more platitudes so I’m going to keep it really simple. If you want to be leading possibility in 2021, here are three simple steps that you can take for yourself.

Number one: INTENTIONNumber one: INTENTION

Be really clear about what your intention is for this year as a leader and as a person. This is like having a theme for your year, having a purpose.

When you have clear intention, no matter what you are doing each hour, day, week or month you can know that you’re pointing in the right direction. Or identify when you are not.

This is a wholistic and broad approach rather than a very goal-centric approach to your year. It means that you do not need to achieve a specific goal every day or that you need to make a certain amount of progress and then be disappointed if that doesn’t happen because new challenges arise. Instead, it is about being clear about the direction that you want to be moving. Then you can adjust goals, plans, and actions as the year progresses and things change, as we know they will.

I find this approach can reduce the pressure and stress we feel when conditions are out of our control. You can notice progress when you are honouring your overall intention.


Be kind to yourself and look after yourself as a priority.

2020 was a huge year full of challenges, and change, and new opportunities, and it took its toll on many, many, many of us. A short Christmas/New Year break is not enough to do a complete recovery of our surge capacity depletion. So this year be kind to yourself. Make sure that you continue to assess how you’re feeling and what you need in order to be recharging your tank, refilling your cup on a regular basis.

Know what is good for you and make sure that you have at least some of that as a priority, to keep yourself in good condition.

Number three: CONNECTNumber three: CONNECT

Really make sure that you have the right kind of relationships with the right people around you, and that you are putting the right kind of focus on them.

Over the course of 2020, many people lamented about the fact that while some connections had increased or improved because they were spending a lot more time with their family and being in lockdown or working from home, there were other facets of connection that declined: connection with friends; with extended family; with colleagues; peers; team; mentors; and so on. That was just a function of the rate of change and the change in the way that we communicated with each other.

Think about, for you, which connections are important. Which ones do you need to make sure you stay on your radar throughout the year and help you feel supported and resourced. And which are the connections and relationships where you can contribute to others and what they are going through. Giving is good for you.

Short and sweet this week, three simple tips; be clear about your intention, be kind to yourself, and make sure that you stay connected.

👉Check in with these on a regular basis
👉Adjust your course as you need to
👉Take simple actions

and you will begin to find yourself in a space of leading possibility.


I’d love to know your thoughts.

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