Are You A Leader of Leaders?- Why You Must Close The Gap

Are You A Leader of Leaders?- Why You Must Close The Gap

Are You A Leader of Leaders?- Why You Must Close The Gap

Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley here from I’m at the, as you can see, at the AHRI National Convention, and so far we’ve had a couple of sessions, cocktails last night, …. not for me, and the pre-session this morning.

What’s been really interesting about both those sessions is there’s been a really consistent theme. We’ve been asking people what’s your key challenge in your organization at the moment, and it’s been very consistent.

One lady I was talking to works in an IT company, and she said, “We’ve got all these really great people, great performers, but they’re really struggling in their management roles, to make the transition from being a subject matter expert to being the leader.”

Another lady I spoke to actually works in healthcare, and she said, “We’ve got all those people that are really great clinicians but they’re struggling to lead their people.”

In another area, it was finance people who are really great at their finance stuff, but they’re finding the step up to leadership to be a real challenge.

What can you do? If you’re a leader of leaders or you’re in perhaps HR or Learning and Development, what can you do to support those people so instead of it being a struggle and a challenge when they take on a leadership role that they’re feeling more in control and more capable, and it’s just easier for them?


Well, for me, to answer that question, it’s quite simple. You need to close the gap. The skills that they needed in their role as an expert or an analyst or a service deliverer are not the same as what they need as a leader or a manager. Your job is to help them to close that gap.

My question to you is how is it that you’re going to do that?

There’s lots of things that you can do. For me, helping them to grow their coaching skills, which have so many applications in so many leadership situations, in so many conversations, is going to make a really great difference, and enable them and equip them to deal with all of the different types of situations that they’re now facing in leading a team of people.

It’s Stacey Ashley here. If this is something that you think resonates with you and you can see the benefits of adding coaching skills to the toolkit of your managers and leaders, then leave a comment below.