Leaders need to be vigilant now

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Leaders need to be vigilant now

Speaking to a client last week, he said to me ‘I’m so glad we’re through the worst of it [COVID]’.

That’s a pretty big assumption right now. The impacts of the pandemic are going to be far-reaching and long term. While the health crisis may be beginning to diminish (or, maybe not) there are so many other consequences, changes, and transformations still in play. And there will be for months and years to come.

Now is not the time for leaders to relax. Now is the time for vigilance.

So while you may take the opportunity, if you have it,  to reenergise and regroup right now, please don’t think you can become complacent.

Leaders need to lead every day.

Leading Possibility - simple

So here are a few reminders to keep you focused, aware and moving yourself, your tribe and your world forwards.



  • Remember it’s a marathon not a sprint
  • Keep strong foundations in place and adapt them as conditions continue to change
  • Get the basics right
  • Focus on CAN
  • Do the right things, in the right way, at the right time
  • Maintain your space to lead
  • Show self-care – Fill your own cup so you can support others
  • Pace yourself
  • Bounce
  • Be happy
  • BE a leader every day
  • Keep your teams focused
  • Set the cadence
  • Communicate, communicate, communicate
  • Be visible
  • Create trust and leverage
  • Be transparent
  • Set and manage expectations
  • Keep developing your people
  • Grow more leaders
  • Lead your team
  • Have clear priorities
  • Lead upwards
  • Maintain community
  • Think big picture
  • Keep your head up – look for opportunities and vulnerabilities
  • Lead the change
  • Ask questions
  • Listen intently
  • Make decisions
  • Take action


To elevate your leadership vigilance, choose one or more options from each dimension of leadership that you can take action on now.

This too shall pass – make sure you’re ready for the future of possibility.


I’d love to know your thoughts.


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