Did you know that less than 15% of the population are high-performing?


And high performers spend at least 65% of their work effort and time on the things that have high impact and are not urgent?


  • Are your leaders stressed and working long hours?


  • Are your leaders focused on the urgent rather than the strategic?


  • Are you concerned you’re not offering enough support to your leaders?


  • Are you worried you haven’t got the right people in leadership roles?


  • Do you want your leaders to be engaged and high-performing?



Most people do not make the impact, have the influence or create the difference they intend to in their leadership roles. This applies just as much to experienced executives as to early leaders. It’s easy to get focused on the urgent and caught in a reactive cycle where you’re playing catchup, and don’t have the time or opportunity to really lead.


Through this program, you will learn how to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way, and set yourself up to have more leadership impact for the next 90 days.



I find they get caught up in the basics, the fundamentals. And this stops them from stepping into their leadership where they can flourish.


I commonly see the following factors missing from leadership practice:


1. Clarity of your/their top 3 priorities every 90 days.


2. A framework for Getting and Staying Organized.


3. Taking control of calendars and working hours.


4. Fast and focused meetings.


5. Deliberately planning time for strategic thinking and creativity, team growth and development, and relationship building.


6. An approach for strategic planning.


7. The discipline to apply the foundation principles.






  • Be organised.


  • Know their top 3 priorities for the next 90 days.


  • Have a clear plan to execute their priorities, with an aligned calendar.


  • Have a streamlined meeting portfolio, and fast and focused approaches to running them.


  • Have taken control of their calendar.


  • Be set up to deliver on the strategic agenda.


  • Be feeling more in control, and less stressed.


  • Be feeling confident about what they can achieve.


  • Be ready to increase their impact in the next 90 days.



Do the right things, At the right time, In the right way, and set yourself up to have moreLeadership Impact for the next 90 days.


  • Prior to the Leadership Impact Accelerator workshop, you will have a small amount of preparation to complete.


  • This is a 2-day intensive workshop designed to set you up to have an impact in the next 90 days.


  • You will be learning, then implementing during workshop sprints.


  • I’ll be supporting you every step of the way.


You will receive:


    • Comprehensive participant materials


    • A copy of The New Leader Book


    • Access to the 1000leaders initiative™️ online curriculum



Managing Director, Australasia

NBC Universal


I worked with Stacey over a six-month period to explore alternative pathways to problem-solving and people management within my business. ​

Stacey was an expert guide to help me consider a variety of solutions which were not automatically top of mind. I found the process extremely enlightening, ​

Stacey has a deep appreciation of business management which resulted in our conversations often extending beyond the scope of what I expected. ​

I am deeply appreciative of her empathetic and collaborative style and would not hesitate to undertake further coaching with her in the future.


Executive DIrector

Northern Territory Government


I have worked with Stacey over many years, in various capacities.

Stacey is a consummate professional, experienced executive coach, trainer and mentor. Stacey is highly regarded for her expertise in the leadership and coaching profession and brings great depth, insight and heart to all she does.

If you are lucky enough to work with Stacey, you will be forever changed for the better!


Tax Director

Defence Housing Australia


I recently completed Stacey’s group leadership program. It has been far the best leadership coaching program that I have encountered. Stacey’s approach is logical, considered and highly effective.

I have so many tools in my tool box now and feeling positive about dealing with my leadership challenges.

I would highly recommend connecting with Stacey and joining one of her programs. You won’t regret it.



People describe Stacey as the leader’s leader. The person who can help to make the complex simple. Able to offer the simple, practical, next step, in a strategic context. The person leaders lean on when they are facing situations and circumstances that are at the same time challenging, exciting, offering opportunity, and often moving through uncharted territory. A pathfinder if you like.


In 2023 Stacey received the Thought Leader Of The Year Gold Award at the International Stevie Awards for Women In Business in New York. One of her 14 Stevie awards. She has been twice named in the global LinkedIn Top Voices, and Thinkers360 Top Voices globally and for APAC.


A prolific content creator, Stacey is the author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership. She has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple and practical ideas for immediate application.


Stacey is focused on futureproofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.


She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy, and programs, consults, and coaches.

THE COACHING LEADER™ - ORIGIN : Sydney 14 Aug, Brisbane 21 Aug, Online 27-28 Aug - With Stacey Ashley & Sarah Derry – Early Bird Individual & Group