Leadership Impact Accelerator™

Tue-Wed, 22nd-23rd February 2022

9:00-5:00 pm AEDT

Did you know that less than 15% of the population are high performing? And high performers spend at least 65% of their work effort and time on the things that have high impact and are not urgent?

  • Are your leaders stressed and working long hours?
  • Are your leaders focused on the urgent rather than the strategic?
  • Are you concerned you’re not offering enough support to your leaders?
  • Are you worried you haven’t got the right people in leadership roles?
  • Do you want your leaders to be engaged and high performing?

Most people do not make the impact, have the influence or create the difference they intend to in their leadership roles. This applies just as much to experienced executives as to early leaders. It’s easy to get focused on the urgent and caught in a reactive cycle where you’re playing catchup, and don’t have the time or opportunity to really lead. Through this program, you will learn how to do the right things, at the right time, in the right way, and set yourself up to have more leadership impact for the next 90 days.

When working with CEO’s and their teams I find that they get caught up in the basics, the fundamentals, And this stops them from stepping into their leadership where they can flourish. I commonly see the following factors missing from leadership practise:

  • Clarity of your/their top 3 priorities every 90 days
  • A framework for Getting and Staying Organized
  • Fast and focused meetings
  • Deliberately planning time for strategic thinking and creativity, team growth and development, and relationship building
  • An approach for strategic planning
  • The discipline to apply the foundation principles  

The Leadership Impact Accelerator is ideal for...

  • Front line Managers
  • Middle Leaders
  • Executive Leaders
  • Portfolio Leaders
  • Program and Project Managers


How it works:

  • Prior to the Leadership Impact Accelerator workshop, you’ll have a small amount of preparation to complete.
  • A 2-day intensive workshop designed to set you up to have impact in the next 90 days.
  • You will be learning, then implementing during workshop sprints.
  • I'll be supporting you every step of the way and you'll have access to the private Facebook group for support following the workshop.


  • Session 1: Leadership Impact
  • Session 2: Get Organised Part 1 - Doing Things The Right Way
  • Session 3: Get Organised Part 2 - Doing The Right Things
  • Session 4: Get-It-Done Meetings
  • Session 5: Plan & Deliver Part 1
  • Session 6: Plan & Deliver Part 2
  • Session 7: Big Picture Thinking
  • Session 8: 90 Day Impact Projects

At the end of the Leadership Impact Accelerator™️ participants will:

  • Be organised
  • Know their top 3 priorities for the next 90 days
  • Have a clear plan to execute their priorities, with an aligned calendar
  • Have a streamlined meeting portfolio, and fast and focused approaches to running them
  • Have taken control of their calendar
  • Be set up to deliver on the strategic agenda
  • Be feeling more in control, and less stressed
  • Be feeling confident about what they can achieve
  • Be ready to increase their impact in the next 90 days

What the Leadership Impact Accelerator™️ includes:

  • Two-Day Workshop
  • Pre-work Facebook Group and Webcasts to help you prepare for the workshops + access to the Private Facebook Group for post workshop support
  • Participant materials
  • A copy of The New Leader Book
  • Access to the 1000leaders initiative™️ online curriculum
  • 30 minutes of personalised phone coaching for the 1st 5 people to book

Total Value over $ 10, 815.00

Investment is $ 1,497.00 + GST Upfront or $800 + GST x 2 Payment Plan

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Date: Tue-Wed, 22nd-23rd Feb 2022

Times: 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM both days AEDT

Investment: $ 1,497.00 + GST Upfront or $800 + GST x 2 Payment Plan


Upfront Payment
$ 1,497.00 + GST



22nd-23rd February 2022

9:00 AM - 5:00 PM AEDT



Stacey Ashley is a leadership and coaching expert.

Obsessed with possibility, Stacey helps leaders to navigate the complexities of globalization, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change and a multi-generational workforce.

With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence and credibility. The author of 5 Amazon #1 best selling books on leadership, she has been featured in The Age, Sydney Morning Herald, INTHEBLACK, HRD, CEO Magazine & Coaching World.

Stacey typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults & coaches She works with C Suite, Executives, Transformation & Change Leaders to:
✔️ Build the practical foundations for effective leadership
✔️ Get out of the trenches, to lead strategically and with influence
✔️ Transition quickly and effectively to leading larger, more complex portfolios
✔️ Effectively lead change and transformation
✔️ Develop a coaching toolkit and approach
✔️ Create a leadership coaching capability

Among her many awards:
■ LinkedIn Top Voices 2018
■ Four International Stevie Awards, including Coach of the year 2019
■ Nominated Telstra Business Women's Awards 5 times incl. 2020
■ Best in Executive Coaching Services - Australia 2019
■ Most Influential Woman in Executive Coaching 2020 - Australia

ABC, ASX, AAPT, ACCOR Hotels, AEC, ANU, CBA, CSIRO, DHA, Engie, JORA, MLC, Mustad, Navitas, NDIS, Perrigo, QLD Education, Torrens Uni, UBank, UNSW, ZIP


1000leaders initiative has been a fabulous experience so far. From the time I came to know about the program to registering myself and then going through Learning Chapters, attending Compass Sessions - been a delightful journey. Communication from Stacey and her team has been prompt and detailed. Learning Chapters are well planned and not too long or too short. Compass sessions have been interactive. There have always been takeaways for me from the Compass sessions.  

1000leaders is the very first international program that I am part of. Great interacting with Leaders from different nations, cultures and backgrounds.  

An experience I will cherish forever.  

With Gratitude, Sunil  

Sunil Kodi Kumar
Project manager

Fully recommend Stacey's 1000 leaders course. I couldn't put a value on what I have learnt from it just 5 weeks into the program. From the basic planning lesson which is already saving me time to learning about how to set expectations, have been huge takeaways. The compass sessions are not to be missed. The learning from others is mind-blowing. As Stacey coaches others from difficulties I am yet to experience. ( I am sure I will go back to these session notes for advice. ) To others problems so similar to mine currently, I have been able to do some of the suggestions that come out of these. Then there is the time spent on my issues, the help from that has allowed me to find the courage I never knew I had. I have also attended Stacey's webinars and training sessions in Sydney. I have gained so much knowledge around coaching and mentoring. These should be a prerequisite for anyone leading a team.

Ann-Marie Lee
Business Manager

Prior to the 1000Leaders initiative, I had a number of areas of my Leadership that were just ticking along without having been given any focus or development. The 12-week program tackled a different topic each week and provided a coaching session that enabled me to drill down where I had questions or needed support. It shone the spotlight on a number of critical areas to high performance and helped me create a practical and clear pathway to a better and more deliberate approach. It’s helping build both my skills and my brand. I feel more capable and more confident and I have additional tools to draw upon as a part of my Leadership.

Karen Pezzutto
Senior Operations Manager

Stacey’s coaching style is reassuring, practical and above all very effective. Within 15 mins spent with her, I had an action plan in place that I could immediately implement.  

Stacey is also a real noble and humble human being and loves to give back in any way she can! Her 1000Leaders program was incredible. I shared it with my colleagues at Megaport at a fraction of the price. It was educational, pragmatic and effective. Her passion to make leadership skills training accessible to as many professionals as possible is admirable.

I’d highly recommend Stacey as a coach and facilitator! She is awesome.  

Helen Storckmeijer
Director People & Culture


 Stacey was truly inspirational during her speaker session and provided such valuable insight and experience. Stacey was a pleasure to work with and was willing to give her time in an interview which will allow our Torrens University students access to her extensive industry knowledge. Stacey's strong belief in the connection between industry and education is clearly evident in the support she has given us.

Ellyse Maloney
Product Operations & Project Manager, Laureate International Universities  

I first met Stacey last year at an event and I wanted to get to know her because she had just written a book which is something I talked about doing for years. Stacey came across genuine and authentic and was happy to help out and offer advice.  

She shared some amazing tips and took the time to get to know me which helped me shift some blocks. I admire Stacey's tenacity and drive which gave me the courage to finish writing the book.  

Her book is amazing where she provides tools, tips and exercises where you can step up and be the leader you wished you had.  

Thank you, Stacey, for sharing your pearls of wisdom and your book is not only a practical guide but a must for anyone who wants to succeed in life and in business.  

Joane Esposito
Career & Culture Coach  

I have worked with Stacey over many years, in various capacities. Stacey is a consummate professional, experienced executive coach, trainer and mentor. Stacey is highly regarded for her expertise in the leadership and coaching profession and brings great depth, insight and heart to all she does. If you are lucky enough to work with Stacey, you will be forever changed for the better!

Tracey McMenamin
Executive HR & Transformation Consultant 

Stacey Ashley worked closely with my team at CSIRO during a period of innovation and transition. She was acutely perceptive of the stresses on the team and particularly useful to me during this period of time. Stacey has strong theoretical foundations but is pragmatic and sensitive in her approach. I highly recommend Stacey and would work with her again without hesitation. Elizabeth Eastland Director of Entrepreneurship UNSW  

I worked with Stacey over a six-month period to explore alternative pathways to problem-solving and people management within my business. Stacey was an expert guide to help me consider a variety of solutions which were not automatically top of mind. I found the process extremely enlightening, Stacey has a deep appreciation of business management which resulted in our conversations often extending beyond the scope of what I expected. I am deeply appreciative of her empathetic and collaborative style and would not hesitate to undertake further coaching with her in the future.  

Mike Baard Managing Director Australasia NBC Universal

Given Stacey’s expertise in leadership, executive coaching and change we invited her to chair HRD Magazine’s HR Tech Summit. She was delightful to work with in the lead up to the event, and expertly led the discussion on Your tech journey: questions to ask before purchasing HR Tech. She is an engaging speaker, adept at encouraging audience participation and able to roll with the flow of an event. She is energetic and insightful, and uses real life examples to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful for the audience. We would be delighted to work with her again.

Stephanie Campanale, Executive Producer, HR Summit series

I have had the privilege to work directly for Stacey and now see her having developed a successful career as a thought leader, coach and mentor in leadership. She is a very strong and thoughtful leader who was able to empower people of diverse backgrounds and bring out the best in them. It is no surprise to see her translate that into an ability to help thousands of aspiring and experienced leaders reach their maximum potential. An inspiring career.

Bob Buiaroski

I am fortunate to have had the opportunity to work with Stacey over the past 6 months. She is a wonderful coach with an ability to guide you through problems and help you develop the tools you need to achieve your goals. She is very professional and a great support. If you get the chance to work with her, jump at it!  

Sara Hughes  
Senior Legal Counsel

Stacey Ashley brings a great deal to Coach training! Her expertise in training, her teaching style and her mastery of coaching engage all participants with deep learning. I am incredibly impressed with her ability to steer individuals, groups or teams using her vast repertoire of coaching tools to seek, explore and take responsibility for their goals and corresponding outcomes. Stacey, thank you for sharing this expertise. I cannot wait to continue further coach training because of your input!  

Kathryn Harden-Thew
Lecturer, Learning Teaching and Curriculum at University of Wollongong 

I want to talk about making a positive and lasting impact here because that is exactly what Stacey has done for me.  

My first interaction with Stacey was when I took her Certificate IV in Workplace and Business Coaching in 2015 - hands down one of the best leadership courses I've ever taken.  

She has, both in person and as a voice I pull from memory, helped me over the years to:

  • Really push myself to grow by actively and consciously unlearning in order to learn;
  • Re-acquaint myself with my natural values and strengths to make deliberate choices in identifying my purpose and next steps in my career, and
  • Gain the confidence to come out of corporate and start my own business by being an amazing role model and mentor.  

I can't thank Stacey enough for the positive and lasting impact that she has had on me.  

Lai-Ling Su
Culture Expert & Executive Coach

Stacey was a speaker at our 5th International Conference at Australian Chapter of ICAI. She was very professional and knowledgeable. She connected with audience straight away. She demonstrated that Leadership is not something to be scared of. Audience felt they had real takeaways from her session. She created fun and interactive environment and positives vibes for everyone.  

Thank you Stacey for wonderful session.

Madan Jangra
Chairman ICAI, Australian Chapter 

FOR $ 1,497.00 + GST

Upfront Payment
$ 1,497.00 + GST