Long Term Planning For Success in 2019

Long Term Planning For Success in 2019


Hey, it’s Stacey Ashley here and I want to talk to you really quickly about all the great goals that you’ve no doubt set for 2019.

I’ve seen loads of posts and had lots of conversations with people about what they’re targeting for 2019, the big ticket items they’re focused on and how they want to set themselves up for success.

The follow through, though, has mixed levels of intensity, I guess, depending on who I’m speaking with.

And so, when I was at a client’s this morning it just really reminded me about the importance of actually being very deliberate in your planning process and making sure that not only do you understand broadly what you want to do to make an impact this year, but how you’re going to do it.


So how much of your time do you actually need to spend on each of those big ticket, high impact items or projects to make sure that you can deliver on them.

And so, you know, at a high level map out across the next six months or the next twelve months, what are your key important activities, and how much of your time, how many hours do you need to spend each month to make sure that you can deliver?

Have a look at the total hours.

Have a look at actually how much time you’ve got available and see how in sync those two items are.

And if there’s a discrepancy or a gap, you’ve got too much to do, then you need to make really clear decisions about which of the high impact items you’re going to DO, which ones you’re going to DELAY, which ones you’re going to DELEGATE, and which ones you’re actually going to DELETE out of your list.

So that you focus on the things that you can deliver. And you actually ensure that you’re going to deliver because you’ve actually set the time aside to be able to do it.

Good luck, and love to hear how you go.


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