Jan 27

Manager V Leader – Why Not Both ?

Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley here.

Today, I want to talk about the difference between management and leadership. There’s a lot of debate around that kind of either/or situation. You’re either a manager, or you’re a leader. Well, I don’t agree.

I think that you’re both a manager and a leader. Just imagine the first step into leading a team of people. Yes the focus often is about getting tasks done, and projects completed, and balancing resources, and things like that, and less so about, perhaps, strategic direction and visioning and those sorts of things.

But you do need to be aware as a first-time leader, or a new leader, or an entry level leader about the bigger picture so that when you are allocating resources, and when you are deciding which tasks get done, that it lines up with the bigger picture.

Now as you progress through your leadership career, the balance is going to change. Managing the doing activities, perhaps reduces and the leading part, the visioning, the inspiring and engaging the people to come on the journey with you, the figuring out the strategic priorities, that grows.

And so, the balance changes as you progress through your leadership career. But there’s always elements of managing that’s happening, and there’s always elements of leadership that is happening.

For me, it’s not a choice between managing and leading, it’s actually what’s the balance between managing and leading that suits this situation and brings us the best possible outcomes. Not just in terms of bottom line results, but around bringing out the best in our people, and for our organisation, and for our community.

I’d love to know your thoughts.


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