People and Productivity Workshop

Improve productivity – Keep the right staff for longer – Reduce staff sick leave

Leveraging The Science Of Happiness At Work®

Half and full day workshops.
(Brisbane, Sydney, Canberra, Melbourne, Adelaide)

People and Productivity Workshop
Our People and Productivity Workshop leverages the Science of Happiness at Work® profiling instrument. Happiness at work is strongly correlated with productivity, performance, better health, longevity in a job, increased energy, motivation, confidence and recognition – just to name a few.  That’s why it matters not just for employees but for employers too.
This workshop is designed for:

This workshop is designed for:

  • Frontline staff interested in enhancing the engagement, performance and productivity in their teams
  • Managers and Leaders looking to improve staff engagement, and improve performance and productivity in their teams
  • HR and L&D managers looking to implement engagement initiatives that make a real difference to the people in their organisations, equipping individuals to manage their own performance and productivity
  • Executives looking to improve: their own performance and productivity; raise engagement; reduce organisational turnover and improve efficiency

Participants walk away with:

  • Their own Happiness at Work Report, measuring how strong their happiness is
  • Identified ways to improve their happiness and engagement at work which support happiness outside work
  • Strategies for managers to improve staff performance and engagement and thereby happiness
  • Ways for managers to have meaningful coaching conversations that result in strong feelings of happiness in staff so they have higher levels of performance and productivity, and stay longer

About the science of happiness at work®

Want to improve productivity? – Want to keep the right staff longer? – Want to reduce staff sick leave?

People Performance and Productivity, leveraging the Science of Happiness at Work, is an industry leading program designed by iOpener in the UK.

Organizations are embracing the Science of Happiness at Work because it has such a dramatic effect on employees, leaders and overall business results.

This industry-leading model supports organizational and team development by:

  • Encouraging individual ownership; driving bottom-up change to complement top-down change.
  • Generating understanding for leaders of the common issues within their organization; leading to highly focused top-down change.
  • Providing measurement of the impact of changes made through re-assessment at the end of the project; gives clear ROI.
  • Offering an effective framework for individual and collective development; ensuring that the ever-changing work context is not detrimentally impacting performance.


I haven’t been as excited by anything since I first saw The Myers Briggs Type Indicator.- Medical Director and Director of Leadership, NHS
At last a methodology for organizations to truly start improving and measuring their ‘greatest assets’ productivity.-
Seriously the BEST and most useful program I have ever attended.- HR Director, Antares Underwriting Services

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