12 Simple Ideas To Nourish
Your Leadership Energy,
Outlook and Wellbeing

Stacey Ashley - Power Up

About the Author

Four-time International Stevie Award winner, LinkedIn Top Voice and nine-time Telstra Business and Women’s Awards Nominee, Dr Stacey Ashley CSP is a high-performance leadership expert.

Obsessed with possibility, Stacey helps leaders to navigate the complexities of globalisation, technological advancement, social interconnectivity, massively accelerating change and a multi-generational workforce. A heart-centred leader, Stacey has helped thousands to develop their leadership competence, confidence and credibility.

She typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults and coaches.

12 Simple Ideas To Nourish
Your Leadership Energy,
Outlook and Wellbeing


Are you a leader trying to navigate your way through an ever-changing, ever-accelerating, complex, challenging world? Are you wondering how you’re going to keep it up for the years ahead as you lead the marathon of change?

Leading significant change and transformation is no easy task. Leaders need to champion the change, share the vision, maintain a focus on now and the future, while coping with the highs and lows of operating in rapidly evolving situations.

After months and years of being attention out, giving generously to the people and world around them, leaders are feeling the effects of leading enormous change.

This book shares 12 simple ideas to support your leadership of self, creating a sustainable way for you to lead, so you continue to show up every day. Develop your energy, positivity, resourcefulness, outlook, and resilience.

It is time to focus on you.


Stacey Ashley has provided me with education, support, encouragement and inspiration in workplace coaching and leadership for many years. From participating in her excellent webinars and other learning events, to reading her leadership books, Stacey continues to challenge me to lift my leadership and coaching game. I thoroughly recommend Stacey to any leader who wants to embed coaching into their worklife and take their leadership practice to the next level. Thanks, Stacey and I look forward to your next book.

Shaun Kelly
Systems & Data Analyst/Developer at IP Australia

I really like how you intertwine emotion with direction, it means a lot to me to hear a leader say that, I don’t believe it is referenced enough in the workplace.

Paula Laing
Human Resources Manager, Mildura Airport

In this time of exponential information growth, your circle of concern, influence and control are necessary for crafting focus. The simple reframing of how you think about things can make the world of difference to the sense of control you have and the sense of how you are leading in a situation. If you are someone (individual, emplovee or leader) who is feeling a little battle-weary from the last 2 years, Power Up is a MUST READ.

Many leaders are dealing with a depleted surge capacity from the pandemic. (seriously this section of the book is a total game changer!)

Jessica Giles
Director, Chic Money