The 1000Leaders Initiative™ Online Program


The 1000Leaders Initiative™ is a self-guided online program* where you will create the time, the space, and the opportunity to lead.

* You will have lifetime access to the online program.

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Location: Online


The 1000Leaders Initiative™ Online Program

Leaders need help to develop the skills that will take them to their next level. Being a subject matter expert, high performing team member, or doing what you’ve always done is not enough.

It’s simply not good business to promote a leader and then fail to develop them. Yet many organisations are not offering the support their leaders need.

It’s time to bridge the gap.

We’re on a mission to develop as many leaders as we can with the 1000leaders initiative.

We’re going to help you acquire the foundation skills that will make your leadership life so much easier and set you up for leadership success throughout your career.