Apr 14
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Self-Leadership is About Being Honest with Yourself. What Does Your Reflection Know?

I believe the first dimension of leadership is self.

And the first step of self-leadership is reflection.

Lately, I’ve been reflecting on me.

Because I am not feeling congruent.

What is being reflected back to me, is not how I am feeling.

I am not entirely comfortable with the disparity.

And when I am not feeling comfortable with me, then I am not situated in my power.

I have doubts.

I question myself and second guess.

I wonder whether it should be me, or should I pass it on to someone else.

I don’t trust myself 100%.

I wonder whether I really am sufficiently expert.

Whether my contribution is good enough.

Whether I am making any difference or having any impact.

Then someone says,

‘You are the leader’s leader.’

‘You made such a difference to me.’

‘You gave of your time, energy, and knowledge so generously and that is rare.’

‘Thank you.’

‘We appreciate you.’

‘I’ve learned so much from you.’

‘I use self-coaching to get above the line because of you.’

‘I love your book. It has helped me so much.’

‘Your energy is so positive and powerful.’

‘You are so calm.’

‘You show what it is to be a leader.’

I look in the mirror again ……

Breathe deep.

I am congruent.

And, I move forwards.

Like you.

How do you practice self-leadership?

I’d love to know your thoughts.

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