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Why Stacey

With over 30 years’ experience, Dr Stacey Ashley has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility. She is the author of five #1 Amazon best-selling books on leadership including the 2 latest, Power Up & You’re On Mute.

After seeing leaders caught up in the basics, the fundamentals, which prevents them from stepping into their leadership where they can flourish, Stacey now works with aspirational leaders to develop their leadership skills and approach so they can inspire, influence, and have impact. To elevate the practice of leadership, so they too can Lead in Possibility. Organisations benefit from high-performance leadership, increased engagement and productivity, and an enhanced leadership talent pipeline.

Be confident that your event will go ahead as scheduled, as Stacey can present both face to face and online.

About Stacey

Stacey’s 20-year corporate leadership career spanned the IT, Telecommunications, and Finance arenas. Leading teams in the 100’s, budgets in the $100Ms and significant startup, due diligence, merger and acquisition, and change and transformation programs in Australia and overseas.

Stacey is a 4 time international Stevie Award-winning Coach, including Coach of the year 2019, 9 times Telstra Business & Women’s Awards nominee, and was named in the Global Linkedin Top Voices 2018 and 2021.

A high-performance leadership speaker, Stacey typically speaks at conferences, runs workshops, consults and coaches.

Stacey speaks about topics including the practice of leadership, leading change, coaching in the workplace & leading from the heart. Translating complex concepts into simple & practical ideas for immediate application.

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Stacey in the media

Stacey recently spoke at our 15th Annual Smart Procurement World Indaba – what a powerful leadership presentation. Stacey is certainly one of the best leadership coaches around and an excellent keynote speaker – with strong interpersonal skills that make it easy to connect with the audience. She’s a master facilitator and will train effectively on any leadership and strategic topics. World-Class Indeed!

Mediacy Mudekwa
Head of Content, Smart Procurement World

Stacey Ashley, High-Performance Leadership Speaker

Stacey’s style and experience was a really good fit for our organisation. A full day of workshops, conversations and activity with Stacey inspired our female leaders to reach their full potential.

Working with Stacey has also helped identify some of the challenges our women are facing, providing the opportunity for us to be more informed and proactive so we can support women in our organisation in an even better way.

Clarissa Fraser
HR Advisory Lead, Northrop Consulting Engineers

Engagement Conference

Stacey was delightful to work with in the lead up to the event, and expertly led the discussion on Your tech journey: questions to ask before purchasing HR Tech. She is an engaging speaker, adept at encouraging audience participation and able to roll with the flow of an event. She is energetic and insightful, and uses real life examples to ensure the content is relevant and meaningful for the audience.  

Stephanie Campanale, Executive Producer HR Summit series

Choose from one of Stacey’s Signature Keynotes,
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Workshops and breakout sessions can be arranged to complement keynote sessions

Leading Possibility, First Lead Yourself

Whether you’re leading yourself, your family, your team or your organisation, our turbulent world will never be the same again. In this interactive session, Stacey will share with you

  • Practical tools and strategies to First Lead Yourself
  • Strategies for self-support and personal resilience
  • The importance of leading your tribe as a role model

The Business Case For Happiness At Work

Learn how you and your team can achieve your potential by:

  • Creating your own positive mindset and developing resilience,
  • Developing strategies to deal with the ups and downs of working life, and
  • Learn simple coaching concepts you can use in conversations with your people.

Leading With Heart (Head, Heart & Gut)

Discover the power of your multiple brains (head, heart and gut brains) and what they offer for increasing your intuitive abilities and immediately generating wiser decision-making.  Learn how embracing your head, your heart and gut brains will allow you to develop new levels of consciousness, wisdom and decision making as a leader.

Leading High-Performance During Turbulence

You are a leader, and now more than ever, it’s time to stand up and lead. In this interactive session, Stacey will share with you practical tools and strategies for leading the people around you

  • How to build the foundations for performance in turbulent times
  • How to be visible and keep your team focused and on task, even if they are working remotely
  • How to support yourself and your team through significant change and challenge

Why Aren’t You Coaching Yet?

In this interactive and enlightening session, Stacey will introduce you to:

  • Why having a Coaching Culture is important
  • What it is and,
  • How to go about creating one in your workplace

The Practice Of Leadership

Leaders need help to develop the skills that will take them to their next level. Stacey will share some of the practical tools, ideas and strategies that leaders need to master so they can focus their time and effort on the right things, at the right time in the right way and create the opportunity to lead.

Leading Possibility venn

Some Notable Keynote Speaking Events:

► Women in Northrop Conference, Northrop, NSW Australia
► Northrop Annual Conference, NSW Australia
► Change Management Institute NSW Australia Virtual Global Event
► Women Future Conference Stevie Awards Asia Pacific
► Virtual HR Summit Ariva Academy Philippines 2021
► Women in Finance & Investment Network Leadership Summit
►15th Smart Procurement World Indaba Conference
► Associations Forum 12th Annual Conference
► CDAA National Conference
► Employee Engagement Conference – The Business Case For Happiness At Work
► Institute of Chartered Accountants India 5th International Conference
► CPA Australia Annual Congress,  Fiji
► CPA Australia Annual Congress, Australia (Sydney & Perth)

► Safety Institute of Australia, Annual Visions Conference
► Australian Workplace Learning Conference, Australian Institute of Training & Development
► QLD Education Master Teachers Conference
► International Women’s Day, ICAI (Institute of Chartered Accountants of India)
► APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches)
► Women Business Leaders Conference, WICCI
► World HRD Congress, Coaching Leaders for Future
► Women Economic Forum
► University of Sydney Business School, Business Not As Usual
► HR Tech Summit
► US National Leadership Development Day x 2


Women Economic Forum
HRD Tech Summit Sydney
World HRD Congress
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Stacey Ashley was engaged by Northrop to be a panelist at not only our whole company conference but also to deliver our women in leadership conference in March and April this year. I had the pleasure of working with Stacey on the delivery for both, and can say with confidence, that her expertise in leadership coaching is invaluable to any organisation wanting to both inspire and inform their people.
Dr Ashley’s seminar on ‘The Female Superpower’, delivered to a room of Northrop’s emerging female leaders, was powerful in that it provided insights into the skills and tools women can utilise to help them step up into positions they could potentially be overlooked for.
Her sessions are both informative and engaging, I highly recommend her services to any company that is looking to bolster their people and give them the best chance for success in their careers.
Natalie Ekins Butler
Natalie Ekins ButlerBusiness Support Manager at Northrop Consulting Engineers
Stacey’s session on Change at the Middle Managers Online Muster was expert, engaging and down to earth. Not only providing trusted concepts but how they can be applied in the ever changing world managers and leaders need to manoeuvre daily. Engaging Stacey to be part of the event was easy from start to finish, a true professional. I highly recommend!
Sally Foley Lewis
Sally Foley LewisMiddle Management & Self-Leadership Expert
I am a raving fan of Doctor Stacey Ashley and absolutely thrilled that I have found a great mentor!

In my role of being a Learning and Development Enthusiast, I use a lot of her Training Materials for self enhancement and learnings.
She is a catalyst of change, an influencer who makes positive impact by globally uplifting the capabilities of Leaders, and this was witnessed recently when I had invited her to be a Guest Speaker/Mentor to our Organization Culture Change Agents Club which we operate in Fiji to support Trainers across our country.

The participants were fascinated by the incredible mentoring, coaching provided by Dr Stacey.

Thank you for Building Humans around the universe and allowing us to show up with authenticity.

Looking forward to engaging with you more and becoming a better version of me!

Altaab Khan
Altaab KhanSenior Manager Learning & Capability, Human Resources, Raffe Hotels & Resort
I began working with Stacey by attending a couple of her webinars. This led me to her books and more webinars. What Stacey said, and the tools she provided when she said it, as I try to be a Leader to 20+ staff, resonated with me. “Lead Yourself First” became a foundation for me. Also, out-of-the-blue, Stacey gave me a call to enquire about my key areas of focus in leading and if her webinar had assisted.

Stacey and I discussed ideas for a foundational building block program across the three teams, to help the managers lead their team and assist in leading the combined branch. Stacey put together a package of individual coaching for the 3 managers plus a high-power-team building block series of workshops. These ran from July to November and were a resounding success for the managers, the teams and to assist me in setting the tone.

I cannot speak more highly enough of Stacey’s collaborative approach, her ability to listen and hear what is required. Then her ability to design and deliver a fit-4-team program.

I would personally recommend Stacey and would encourage leaders to reach out, attend a webinar, read one of her books and see what resonates!!

Thom Thornton
Thom ThorntonDirector Audit, Risk & Compliance, NSW Department of Communities and Justice
Stacey collaborated with the Change Management Institute (CMI) to deliver a session on ‘First Lead Yourself’. Her focus on people first (as leaders of ourselves) and insights accompanying this resonated and was well received by the diverse range of change management practitioners in our community. Thanks, Stacey for your generous work and always a pleasure to work together!
Yuxi Pan
Yuxi PanChange Management Institute, NSW Co-Lead
What a fantastically successful session!  So practical, engaging and positive – great content, Stacey.  I absolutely loved your conversation at the end of the session, so natural and resonated with the audience.
Eugenia Postoenko
Eugenia PostoenkoProfessional Development Consultant Education & Learning, Chartered Accountants
I have worked with Stacey over the last few years. She has presented to our members a few times and most recently being at the International Women’s Day event. She has this knack of connecting with audience easily and deliver the message effectively. Our members were very impressed with her ability to deliver real life lessons in simple manner. Thanks Stacey for sharing valuable learning with our members.
Madan JangraVice Chairman at Institute of Chartered Accountants of India, Australian Chapter
Having Stacey as one of our panelists for the Women in Finance and Investment Leadership Summit was indeed great!

As a leadership expert and speaker, she has professionalism at the very core and her presentation and insights were spot on. I absolutely admired the way she used graphs and illustrations to simplify matters. She has good interactive skills with the audience as well. Stacey’s expertise on social media and content can only be matched by her wit, which helps make every interaction with her a glowing experience.

I would love to recommend Stacey – She is a well-known speaker and expert of the field that definitely helps her clients achieve their goals.

Dikshita Awotarowa
Dikshita AwotarowaFounder & President at Women in Finance & Investment Network
I recently attended one of Stacey’s sessions “Leading Possibility – Choosing Positive”

There is one word I would use to describe how it made me feel –


The pandemic clouded my headspace, I lost my vision and my mojo. In just one hour, Stacey inspired and motivated me to get back on track with my life journey, to recognise progress, have compassion for myself, take action and create opportunities for my future. She reminded me I am in control, and being positive is a choice – one that I can choose to make each day.

She spoke about the psychology of choosing positivity, recognising and appreciating the journey, and put life into perspective by enlightening me with the negative to positive ratio.

I’d definitely recommend Stacey as a leadership expert, someone who is highly experienced with transformational and adaptive leadership, coaching, mentoring and motivational speaking.

At a time where leaders are struggling to keep themselves and their people motivated and engaged, Stacey is able to provide simple yet effective tools to help lead ourselves and our teams, while building a collaborative approach that is focused on the celebrations of success, whilst in the journey.

Her facilitation of the virtual session was authentic and engaging. She really made you feel like you were in a room with just her and a handful of others – even though there were more than 120 of us online!

Thank you Stacey for helping me find my mojo!

Michelle Bonilla
Michelle BonillaGuest Relations & Club Sofitel Manager
My heartfelt appreciation and gratitude to you for a very interesting & useful session on “Leading Possibilities” at the APAC Coaching Fiesta.

Many thanks for helping us create a rejuvenating finale to the year, encouraging us to take stock of all that has happened in the past year, reflect on where we want to be in the coming year and the valuable opportunity that we have to design the life we want to lead.

Your session was enriching, practical and truly effective in providing possibilities for transformation. Your translation of complex concepts into easy and doable tips is simply brilliant. I think filling our cups, fostering connection, elevating our practice and operating in our zone of genius are illuminating & inspirational thoughts that will help us face up, show up and step up to a better 2021.

Once again, thanks a ton for sharing your expertise and giving us your valuable time. Your presence and contributions to APAC are precious and much appreciated.

Dr. Anne Dolly K
Dr. Anne Dolly KPresident, APAC (Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches)
The Asia Pacific Alliance of Coaches (APAC) had the absolute joy of Stacey Ashley as one of our esteemed speakers at the recent APAC Coaching Fiesta on 6 December 2020. Stacey shared on Leading Possibilities, giving coaches and leaders very practical principles and frameworks to lead their tribes forward. Stacey was professional and suave, a role-model in what she preaches. I highly recommend her as a speaker and mentor to leaders.
Irene Chia PCC
Irene Chia, PCCExecutive Director & OD Coach at Whitespace Management Consulting Pte. Ltd.
I was fortunate to attend the AITD Conference last week and listen to a number of presentations which will be invaluable in the future. The stand out presentation ‘Learning With Accountability’ was conducted by Stacey Ashley #kudos. Stacey was professional, inspiring and was totally engaging. This presentation was the diamond in the crown for providing future strategies for learning accountability.
Steve Webster
Steve WebsterService Training Manager, Coates Hire
It was wonderful having Stacey Ashley as a Guest speaker in an event hosted by Meraqi Consulting in Dec’20. The talk was a huge success both in terms of content and impact. The key insights shared by Stacey on Leadership were highly thought-provoking which made the leaders reflect on their own leadership narrative and create a clear action plan for next year. We look forward to inviting Stacey in our future leadership events and highly recommend her work.
Hima Pravin
Hima PravinCEO & Founder, Meraqi Consulting
It was an absolute delight to have Stacey as our Guest of Honor at WBLC 2020, she was outstanding! We received more useful tips about leadership during the session. Stacey really knows what she’s talking about! The trick is to continuously try and put these leadership concepts into practice. Thank you for such an insightful session. We will continue to always request and recommend Stacey for speaker sessions in future.
Dr. Shweta Singh
Dr. Shweta SinghFounder | Women Thought Leader| Entrepreneur | Speaker | Mentor & Advisor | Learner | Patent and IP Advisor
Stacey Ashley gave a keynote session at the World Coaching Congress. She spoke about “ When To Coach In The Workplace.” She has touched upon very meaningful scenarios & lovely insights.

  • You must lead yourself.
  • Leaders have a responsibility to create more leaders.
  • Leading your tribe.

I am sure those will help the attendees who were in attendance.

Dr. R. L. Bhatia
Dr. R. L. BhatiaFounder - World CSR Day & World Sustainability. CEO at Fun and Joy At Work
We engaged Stacey to present at the recent virtual event for the CompTIA ANZ Business Technology Community. She was very professional and organised prior to the event, and very engaging and thought-provoking throughout the webinar. While it’s obvious that she knows her content, she is able to present it in a manner that is practical and straightforward. It was a pleasure to work with her for what was such a valuable role at our event.
Moheb Moses
Moheb MosesChannel Strategy Consulting/Training | Speaker | Author
Stacey recently agreed to take part in the University of Sydney Business School’s inaugural webinar in the Business Not as Usual series.

Working with Stacey was delightful, she is professional, thoughtful and considered in her approach which contributed to a very successful webinar. Stacey contributed her thought leadership on Career Challenges, Changes and Choices and how the different styles and approaches to leadership show up when managing yourself and your teams.

Feedback from the webinar was extremely positive with some commenting that “Stacey was insightful and helpful with practical advice and tips” and “an excellent speaker with a great perspective on the topic and really enjoyed hearing her thoughts on women leaders during the COVID-19 crisis.”

Fiona O'Sullivan
Fiona O'SullivanDirector, External Engagement and International at The University of Sydney Business School
CPA Australia has engaged Stacey several times to speak at various conferences around the country. Every time I’ve been to one of her presentations, I’ve walked away with fresh pearls of wisdom that she has shared. Stacey’s online community is also fantastic and I always encourage people to sign up to it. I am very much looking forward to reading The New Leader.
Bernadette Smyth
Bernadette SmythFinance and Accounting Professional
Stacey was truly inspirational during her speaker session and provided such valuable insight and experience. Stacey was a pleasure to work with and was willing to give her time in an interview which will allow our Torrens University students access to her extensive industry knowledge. Stacey’s strong belief in the connection between industry and education is clearly evident in the support she has given us.
Ellyse Maloney
Ellyse MaloneyHead of Product Operations and Project Management, Laureate International Universities
Stacey’s talk on Head, Heart & Gut is something I wish I could share with everybody I know. I’m so grateful to have been able to get some really concrete tools for decision making in all areas of my life – professional and personal. Stacey is both insightful and inspiring!
Ayesha Sadiq
Ayesha SadiqTraining Manager

I attended Stacey’s session at the AITD Conference in Sydney on Friday about Learning with Accountability. What an amazing, practical, and valuable session! I had a very major OMG moment and discovered the missing link. Thank you again, Stacey.

Leesa Sinn
Leesa SinnHead of Learning & Development, Real Estate Dynamics
Stacey is an extraordinary coach and facilitator. She takes the room on a journey with great energy and conviction, while her stories (both relatable and inspiring), build more credibility with every passing minute. Stacey truly leads people to a place where they’re comfortable making great decisions. Thanks so much, Stacey. I’ll work with you again at every opportunity.
Catherine NolanManaging Director, Gender Gap Gone
I had the pleasure of working with Stacey at our recent Women in Operations Leadership, which she facilitated. Stacey was a pleasure to work with, extremely knowledgeable and brought a great energy to the conference. I was particularly impressed by her insights and tips for building your professional network as a tool to progress. Looking forward to the next time!
Louise Ebbrell
Louise EbbrellConference Producer, Liquid Learning
Stacey’s presentation on ‘Wiser decision making using the heart, head and gut’ was incredibly insightful, practical and engaging. Presenting to a network of business women, Stacey immediately connected with her audience, and introduced the concept of mBraining in an easy to understand format, tailoring the presentation along the way to focus in on areas of interest within the room. Stacey is a highly engaging speaker, and finds the balance between delivering content and allowing fluidity so that her audience gets the most out of the presentation. I highly recommend Stacey.
Rachael Laybutt
Rachael LaybuttStrategic Project Manager, University of Newcastle
Stacey is an engaging and fantastic speaker. I had the pleasure of working with her at the recent Learning and Development Leadership and Innovation Summit, where she delivered a high-energy and informative presentation on how to help others step up and engage with their own personal learning and development – Stacey lifted the room and facilitated an interesting and interactive session. Stacey earns my highest recommendation.
Jean Young
Jean YoungEvent Producer, Liquid Learning
I was very fortunate to experience Stacey’s deep passion and expertise for wellness during the workshop she facilitated on ‘The Business Case for Happiness at Work’. Stacey exudes generosity, expertise and professionalism in all that she does.
Cassandra Goodman
Cassandra GoodmanGlobal Director People Engagement & Experience BUPA
Stacey delivered an outstanding presentation at the Learning and Development Leadership Summit. She was engaging, entertaining and challenged our perspectives on the importance of coaching in developing a high-performance culture.
Chris Bradbury
Chris BradburyDirector of Learning & Teaching, The King's School
Thank you so much Stacey for your fantastic “Workplace Coaching” presentation on Tuesday at the AssociationsForum Conference at the ICC. It went down really well with the audience and the pace of questions was a testimony to the engagement by all who attended.

What I found the best part of your presentation was the practical application of coaching concepts that we can apply now. It wasn’t textbook stuff but valuable DIY concepts that we can apply today. The fact that you also left us with a daily reminder which we can take away from the conference simply reinforces what we’ve learnt. I thought I knew what coaching was until I listened to your presentation. Thanks again and look forward to continuing my coaching journey.

Kegan Kashian
Kegan KashianManaging Director, TCB Consulting