Research by the Corporate Leadership Council of more than 90,000 employees found that when managers focus on the weaknesses of an employee, their performance declines by 27%, whereas when they focus on the strengths of an employee, performance improves by 36%.


In the 2015 Strengths@Work Survey, Michelle McQuaid found that … an employee’s manager being primarily focused on their strengths, there is just a 1% chance these people won’t be engaged in their work.


Did you know that less than 15% of people are high performers? Yet, those who understand and utilise their strengths, grow their capability and competence to leverage their strengths, and know where to focus make the most impact.


Your leaders need to know how to tap into this performance potential for themselves and their teams.



  • Want your leaders to tap into their own strengths?


  • Want your people to engaged and self motivated?


  • Want them to actively contribute to the goals of the team and organisation?


  • Want your teams to be more effective and productive?


  • Want your leaders to build higher performing teams by leveraging the different strengths and capability of their teams?



I commonly find the following essential elements are often missing from their approach:


  • Sufficient level of individual self-awareness and understanding of their own strengths.


  • The confidence in themselves and their strengths to support them in any situation.


  • A strategy to develop their own competence to support their strengths.


  • Understanding of their areas of non-strength and how to mitigate those that present a risk to performance.


  • Understanding of others, and insight and appreciation of their strengths.


  • A conscious approach to how they can work more effectively across their team, leveraging strengths and fostering collaboration.





➤ Learn about yourself and your natural strengths.


➤ Learn how to leverage your natural strengths into your role and responsibilities.


➤ Learn about your non-strengths and how to proactively manage these.


➤ Learn about your colleagues’ strengths.


➤ Gain an understanding of individual work preferences.


➤ Learn how to develop better ways of working together.


➤ Learn how to improve team performance by utilizing and leveraging the array of strengths.


➤ Learn how to build and manage more effective workplace relationships.


➤ Feel more comfortable approaching others.


➤ Develop a plan of action for yourself that you can implement following the workshop.



  • A half or full-day workshop.


  • Your own 15-page report on your strengths and areas to leverage.


  • The opportunity to ask 8 people to rate you on your strengths.


  • A practical coaching framework complete with questions to coach to strengths.


  • And coaching from your facilitator and other members of the masterclass (on the day) that will make a great difference to you personally and professionally!


  • A copy of Show Up 21.



Senior Executive Office Faculties Strategy & Advocacy

Royal Australian & New Zealand College of Radiologists


Stacey provided excellent training to RANZCR management on coaching, mentoring and providing feedback.

Very well received by experienced and new managers.

Highly recommended.


Finance & Operations Manager

Mustad Australia


Stacey conducted a workshop for our team at Mustad Australia and was great to deal with in arranging this workshop and the follow-up webinar. She was brilliant in engaging all the staff who were from different levels of management. We all walked away more self-aware as well as learning better ways to work together as a team. I highly recommend Stacey and would consider her for any future training programs.


Senior Conference Producer

Marcus Evans Group


I had the pleasure of working with Stacey recently when she delivered a fabulous 2 day virtual training for us. Throughout the process, Stacey was a committed, supportive and professional trainer who was always happy to help with any enquiries we had on the programme. The content for the workshop was deeply insightful, supported with personal industry experience and delivered in a warm and engaging manner which was deeply appreciated by our delegates. Stacey is definitely a thought leader in her field and I would look forward to working with her again.



People describe Stacey as the leader’s leader. The person who can help to make the complex simple. Able to offer the simple, practical, next step, in a strategic context. The person leaders lean on when they are facing situations and circumstances that are at the same time challenging, exciting, offering opportunity, and often moving through uncharted territory. A pathfinder if you like.


In 2023 Stacey received the Thought Leader Of The Year Gold Award at the International Stevie Awards for Women In Business in New York. One of her 14 Stevie awards. She has been twice named in the global LinkedIn Top Voices, and Thinkers360 Top Voices globally and for APAC.


A prolific content creator, Stacey is the author of six Amazon #1 best-selling books about leadership. She has a talent for translating complex concepts into simple and practical ideas for immediate application.


Stacey is focused on futureproofing CEOs. Their leadership, their people, and their organisations. With over 30 years’ experience, Stacey has helped 1000’s to develop their leadership competence, confidence, and credibility.


She typically speaks at conferences, develops leadership strategy, and programs, consults, and coaches.