Why Talking To Your People Is Part Of Your Job As A Leader

Why Talking To Your People Is Part Of Your Job As A Leader

Hi, it’s Stacey Ashley here. It’s just a quick one today. I’ve noticed a trend over the last couple of weeks. It’s been in nearly all the coaching sessions that I’ve had. It really disturbs me.

What’s been happening is … Well, actually, let me give you the history. When I first became a manager, which was a while ago. I was about 23. I remember my Dad who was a really great manager and leader. He said to me, “One of your biggest responsibilities as a leader is to develop other leaders.” And that means that you’ve got to give them your time. They need to spend time with you. They need to see how leading is done. How managing is done.

Now what I’ve noticed in the last couple of weeks is that there’s been this common theme that keeps coming up. These are from senior leaders who work for even more senior leaders. Executive leaders. They are saying to me, “My boss keeps cancelling my one on ones.” “My boss doesn’t even book one on ones with me.” “I never get to see my boss.” “My boss keeps deferring our phone calls.”

I think, really? It’s so disappointing.

What’s the message that that sends to someone who works for you?

As a leader you have a responsibility to develop other leaders. You need to spend time with them to share your wisdom. You need to help them to focus. Help them to understand what their priorities are. What they’re capable of. What’s next.

I just don’t get how you can not do that and consider yourself a leader.

It’s just part of what being a leader is.

If you don’t like spending time with your people. If you don’t want to talk to them. Then maybe you’re not in the right job.

If you don’t realise the message that it’s sending. Well, maybe it’s time to think about it. Because it’s not a great message. The message is, “You’re not important enough.”

Is that the message that you want your people to have?

I’d really love to hear what you’re going to be doing about developing the people around you, so that you’re developing leaders. Not people who just get annoyed at you because you don’t show up.

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