Hi, I’m Disa Hill and I wanted to share with you what I got out of the Lead Now program with Stacey Ashley over the last eight weeks.

One of the things that I value greatly is the space that Stacey provides. She does that in a way of asking the right questions and providing a space where we can really reflect and look at our leadership particularly in the pandemic covid situation, which was an interesting time to journey through as a leader. I think one of the key things that Stacey really brought to that program is making it real and putting it into context of all businesses and providing some great examples, and throughout this coaching us at the same time as well as teaching and learning how to be a better leader.

One of the main things I drew out of the leadership program was the Frameworks. I really love the dimensions that Stacey visually draws and it just allows us to be able to reflect on those everyday in the way that we go about taking action the way we go about planning the way we go about focusing on our goals. And for me, it’s an empowered me to have the courage and the communication skills and draw on those capabilities within to keep going and being the best leader I can be.

So thank you very much Stacey, continue to look forward to your leadership and your guidance in the space and dive into any other programs in the future. Thanks very much.