The 70% Rule



Hi Stacey Ashley here. I’ve just come back from a coaching session and it’s made me think that I really need to share with you today The 70 % Rule.

And there are two reasons for it.

One is that I have been coaching a couple of really amazing, talented individuals, very experienced. And in both cases they have moved to a new organization to take up a really amazing sounding role, quite different, but one that would play to their strengths and that they would enjoy doing and they could make a real difference.

And so what’s happened is in both cases that when they arrived the role wasn’t really what had been promised.

So that’s the first trigger for me talking to you about The 70 % Rule.

And the second one is that Easter is coming. (You can tell I fell behind in my posting!)

It’s a long weekend and it’s often a time when we get a few days out of our day-to-day working living life, and we got a bit more space we tend to think about what’s going on in our life and in our work.

And so I wanted to share The 70% Rule with you because it might just help your reflections and you’re thinking.

So what’s The 70% Rule?

The 70% Rule is something that was shared with me by my dad actually. And it’s just a rule of thumb to help you to get yourself and your team to be engaged and to be performing well.

And so what it really means is that we just need to consider three key things.

  1. The first one is that in order to perform well and to be engaged in our role, we need to be using our skills and our knowledge at least 70% of the time.
  2. And to be engaged and performing well, we need to be doing work that we enjoy at least 70% of the time
  3. And to be engaged and performing well, we need to be working with people that we like at least 70% of the time.

So it’s pretty simple.

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And so if you are using your skills and knowledge, you’re doing work that you enjoy and you’re working with people you like at least 70% of the time, then you’re creating the situation in which you can thrive, that you can be engaged and that you can perform.

And of course we can go higher than 70% but we really want to as a minimum be meeting those three factors at least 70% of the time to give ourselves the best possible chance of really doing good work. Great work even. And having a positive impact and taking that, of course, not to just to our work but also to our life.

So I wanted to share it with you.

Now, the thing is when people reflect on those three factors:

  • Am I using my skills and knowledge?
  • Am I doing work that I enjoy?
  • And, am I working with people that I like?

Sometimes they don’t all meet the 70% criteria or threshold.

So what I want you to think about over the next little while is:

  • Where are you on that scale?
  • And are you meeting the 70% in each of those three factors?
  • And if you’re not what would it take to meet the 70%?

And equally, if you’re leading a team of people and there’s someone there maybe who hasn’t been performing, or isn’t performing at their potential or at the level that they have been in the past, then what is it that they need?

So you could ask them the three questions around:

  • using their skills and knowledge
  • doing work that they enjoy and,
  • also working with people that they like.

And if there’s something missing for them, what would it take to change that so that they can be engaged, be performing, be productive, be a contributor, and of course feel really great about all of those things as well?

So a little bit for you to reflect on.

I think this is such a simple approach to fostering and nurturing good performance and engagement, And really easy to implement.

I’d love to hear your thoughts.

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